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NEWS: OneMinutesJr at International TV Festival in Bar

Monday, 31 October 2011

BAR, Montenegro, 24–29 October 2011 - 20 young people from Montenegro successfully finished the One Minutes Juniors film workshop, organised as part of the International TV Festival in Bar and supported by UNICEF.

The result, 20 one-minute films describing their views on key child rights issues. This year, 20 young people through one-minute movies presented their ideas on topics dealing with education, health and child protection.

Anida Avdic, student at the Institute for Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Hearing and Speaking Impairment in Kotor, in her film described the issue of insecurity and the feeling she has about the people talking about her disability whenever she enters the bus on her way to school.

"My movie is talking about the moment I am entering the bus with the feeling of sadness and insecurity, but when a person approaches to me and helps me I feel happines. In my movie people were not talking about my disability," Alida explained.

UNICEF consultant, Chris Schuepp, helps children around the world express their ideas, dreams and opinions by supporting them to produce their own 1 min movies. This is the third year in a raw he is working on making movies with children and teenagers from Montenegro.

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OPPORTUNITIES: UNICEF launches new and emerging talent initiative [Worldwide]

Professionals interested in an international career can apply to a talent-identification initiative.
UNICEF is recruiting through its New and Emerging Talent Initiative (NETI), a two-year program used as an entry point for mid-career professionals.

NETI participants will spend one year at UNICEF's New York headquarters working in a functional areas of need. Participants will then be deployed internationally on assignments related to their projects.
Applicants must have an advanced university degree, proficiency in English and another official UN language, at least 2-5 years relevant work experience and must be willing to accept an assignment to any UNICEF office worldwide.

The deadline is November 4. For more information, click here.


EVENTS: Int’l Children’s Film Festival opens today

ISLAMABAD: International Children's Film Festival would open today (Monday) at Cinepax Cinema, Jinnah Park, Kacheri Road, Rawalpindi, Cantt.

The festival organised by The Little Art aims to provide alternative learning opportunities to children in Pakistan and introduce arts as a positive learning vehicle to children and young people.

The festival will be presenting 77 films from 26 countries. To the international submission call, the festival organizer received nearly 400 films from all over the world and has selected some of the best, which are suitable for children and young people in Pakistan.

The festival would be full of excitement and thrill, packed with back to back morning shows for 5 days for school children. The shows are scheduled from 9:30 am onwards till 1.45 pm, each morning of the festival days.

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EVENTS: Kid’s TV’s Most Valuable Content Conference - Prix Jeunesse 2012

Kid's TV's Most Valuable Content Conference

invites you to enter your best children's and youth TV programmes and interactive applications! PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL is not only about competing. It is a week of eye-opening screenings, stimulating international discussion groups and informative new research results on children and media.

Join the premier gathering for content, innovation and quality in kids' TV!

Deadline for programme entries: 12 December 2011

Deadline for participant registration: 30 April 2012

 2012 Festival Theme: Watch, Learn & Grow with children's TV

Children are learning all the time – and constantly when watching TV! What does that mean for quality in children's TV, and how can we support children in their curiousity on life? Learn more on this topic at the upcoming PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL, via info sessions and guessing games. 

Entries do not have to be connected to the festival theme!

Please check our website for contest rules and registration forms:


See you in Munich!

REPORTS / PUBLICATIONS: Children and parents: media use and attitudes report (UK)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ofcom today published its Children and parents: media use and attitudes report which looks at media use, attitudes and understanding among UK children aged 5-15. It also documents the views of parents/carers about their child’s media use, and the rules and tools that parents use to manage such use.

The research found that for the first time12-15s say they would miss their mobile (28 per cent) and the internet (25 per cent) more than TV (18 per cent).

It also reveals that more than nine out of ten (95 per cent) 12-15 year olds now have internet access at home through a PC or laptop, up from 89 per cent in 2010.

Source: Ofcom email-list


NEWS / EVENTS: Digital media empower Middle Eastern youth

Monday, 24 October 2011

Revolutions in the Middle East have been powered by young people using new technology.

Young people, who make up 30 percent of the region’s population, have played a dominant role in protests and political upheaval by documenting events with cell phones, the Internet and social media.

“Children and young people have been at the heart of the Arab Spring. They play a key role in instigating it, using the power of social media to rally their peers and mobilize support,” said Shahida Azfar, UNICEF Regional Director for MENA. “But they have also been among its first victims.”

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AWARDS: Cinekid festival announces winners of 25th anniversary edition

Friday, 21 October 2011

On October 20th 2011 Cinekid, the International Film, Television and New Media Festival  for the Youth announced the winners of the annual Cinekid Awards in the categories Best Film, Best Dutch Television Program and Best New Media production. Not only a professional jury was able to determine who should win an Award, festival visitors were also able to vote for their favorites.

During the evening festival director Sannette Naeyé also received an International Award from the renown organization: CIFEJ (Centre International du Film pour L’Enfance et la Jeunesse).

And the winners are…

Best International Film:

·         Bernard van Leer Foundation Best International Film (Cinekid-lion, Audience Award): Will by Ellen Perry

·         Best International Film (Cinekid-lion, Jury Award): Entre Lobos (Among Wolves) by Gerardo Olivares

·         MovieSquad Best International Picture (Children’s Jury): Lost in Africa by Vibeke Muasya

 Best Dutch Film:

·         UPC Best Dutch Film (Jury Award): Patatje Oorlog (Taking Chances) by Nicole van Kilsdonk.

·         Best Dutch Film (Audience Award): Penny’s Shadow by Steven de Jong

 Best Dutch Television Program:

·         Best Overall Television Program (Jury Award): Ik heb een droom (I have a dream) by van Jan-Willem Wit & Joost Gulien

·         Best Non-fiction Television Program (Jury Award): Ik ben echt niet bang! van Willem Baptist

·         Best Non-fiction Television Program (Audience Award): Checkpoint by Jan Pool

·         Best Fiction Television Program (Jury Award): De avonturen van Pim & Pom (The adventures of Pim & Pom) by Gioia Smid

·         Best Fiction Television Program (Audience Award): Raveleijn by Anne van der Linden

 Best New Media Production:

·         Best New Media Production (Jury Award): Room Racers by Lieven van Velthoven

·         Best New Media Production (Audience Award): Wip’n’Kip (Chick’n’Run) by Fourcelabs

#Cinekid, #Award

### End of press release ###

Note to editors (not for publication):

For more information, please contact:

-          Dennis van Rijswijk (Marketing & Communication)

-          E: d.vanrijswijk@cinekid.nl,

-          T: +31(0)20 - 531 78 95

PHOTO / OPPORTUNITIES / PROJECTS: Put Roma on the Map: Announcing the Chachipe Map Photo Contest

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Open Society Foundations and OSA Archivum announce Chachipe Map, the third Decade of Roma Inclusion photography contest

The Open Society Foundations and OSA Archivum announce the Chachipe Map photography contest.

The contest is open to everybody, but in order to be eligible photos must have been taken since the beginning of 2005 in countries participating in the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005–2015: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Spain.

The most important goal of the contest is to give photographers—both amateurs and professionals—an opportunity to show how they see Roma in the communities where they live. Chachipe Map seeks non-stereotypical photographs that are free of prejudices, that show Roma and non-Roma living together, that approach topics in an open manner and that might even employ radically new perspectives. It has three categories: Local Hero, Common Denominator, and Dream Come True.

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NEWS: Expert calls for societal solution to child obesity (QATAR)

DOHA: Children are at great risk in the face of a worldwide obesity crisis, fuelled by fast food, poor health practices and a barrage of media messages, a leading expert on children’s media told an audience at Northwestern University in Qatar on Tuesday.

Dr Ellen Wartella (pictured), director of Northwestern University’s Center on Media and Human Development in Evanston, Illinois, and the chair of an international task force crafting policies to combat childhood obesity, previewed a forthcoming global study which will advocate solutions to a growing global problem with deep implications for the US and Qatar.

“New evidence shows that childhood obesity is a societal problem more than it is an individual problem – and needs societal solutions,” she said. The best intelligence on the subject has come from a chorus of voices from medicine and public health, social policy and media, she said.

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EVENTS: Youth Media Alliance Announces Children, Youth and Media Conference

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Youth Media Alliance is pleased to announced that Hedda Sharapan, Director of Early Childhood Initiatives at The Fred Rogers Company, and Angela Santomero, Executive Producer of the new preschool animated series inspired by Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, will be opening the 2011 Children, Youth & Media conference.

It was natural for Youth Media Alliance to invite the company whose founder, Fred Rogers, dedicated his life to serving children, especially since his first appearance in front of the camera as "Mister Rogers" was for CBC in Toronto in the 1960s. Hedda Sharapan will be presenting the past, present and future of The Fred Rogers Company. She will provide an overview of the original Neighborhood series that revolutionized children's media - how it was designed, what it was proven to do, and how it evolved over time. Angela Santomero, a leading producer of US children's television and creator of Blue's Clues & Super Why!, will talk about the pressure of re-imagining this beloved series for today's audiences. She will demonstrate how the principles have endured but the aesthetic has changed. The presentation will include previously unseen clips of the new four-year-old Daniel Tiger, son of the original Daniel Tiger, and his preschool friends. The series will be launched in fall 2012 on PBS KIDS, together with a content-rich website, including interactive games for kids, online resources for parents and teachers, and other cross-platform content. Animation for the series is being done in Toronto by the Canadian partner for the series, 9 Story Entertainment.

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

If you are working in film, animation, video, media ... with children and young people (6-16 years old) and you have some film made by youngsters please fill out our entry form athttp://mediaeducationcentre.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=ba75c5691b6b02c38e6d4b5f5&id=88ad15682e&e=a757b4e9c7 participate in the biggest global film festival for films made by kids for kids.

If you know somebody from your network could be interested in KFKF please be so kins and forward this message to them.
Our Global KFKF web site iswww.kidsforkidsfestival.org

Best regards,
Miomir Rajcevic, Online KFKF Manager
You are receiving this e-mail because you submit your information for the Summit Online project 2011.

Unsubscribecschuepp@web.de from this list:

Our mailing address is:
Media Education Centre IYMS
Obilicev venac 21
International Youth Media Summit
Belgrade -11000

NEWS / EVENTS: "Nothing is impossible: Reporting on Human Rights and International Conflicts" workshop for young journalists kicks-off next week

In a year when conflicts from all over the world have been constantly present in the media and the discussion about human rights has become more acute, the European Parliament is organising, with the support of the European Youth Press, its annual workshop for young journalists from the European Union.

"Nothing is impossible: Reporting on Human Rights and International Conflicts" has generated the interest of numerous young journalists from Europe. Sixty of them have been selected to take part in this event, taking place in the European Parliament in Brussels between 18-20 October.

Professional journalists, members of the European Parliament, representatives of media organisations and of human rights organisations will meet young journalists next week to look at questions like: what is the relationship between the media and human rights? Can journalists be objective in conflict zones? How can journalists report accurately on human rights violations in conflict zones? The 60 participants will also work together to produce media on the topic. The final media outcomes of the event will be presented in a closing ceremony on the 20th of Brussels.

The young journalists will get the opportunity to come face-to-face with journalists who have covered conflict zones and learn what it is it like to be on the hot spots of the planet and depict the situation to the whole wide world. In a time when young journalists all over Europe have a hard time getting a full-time journalism jobs, this seminar will give them a concrete view of an area of the profession that is often seen as glamorous: war and human rights reporting.

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REPORTS: Target internet protection at the most disadvantaged children recommends online study

Friday, 14 October 2011

Disadvantaged children get less help and support to protect them from the dangers of being online, researchers have found.

Children whose parents are less educated or do not use the internet themselves and children from disability or minority groups are among those more likely to be at risk online or more upset when they come across worrying content, such as violence, sexual material or bullying.

Although the differences are small (some five per cent increase in risk among the disadvantaged groups) they are consistent across most types of risk examined.

Yet disadvantaged children tend also to be the least likely to get access to information and guidance about living a safer life online. This shows that safety advice and resources need to be better targeted at the disadvantaged, say the researchers from the EU Kids Online project, based at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Their study, Disadvantaged children and online risk, assessed several different types of disadvantage among 25,000 young people and their families from across Europe. These included educational and economic disadvantage, psychological vulnerability and social disadvantage.

full article and further links

AWARDS: UNICEF awards 29 media professionals (BANGLADESH)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

UNICEF yesterday awarded the 7th Meena Media Award 2011 to 29 professionals from both print and electronic media for their excellence in promoting child rights through the media.

Carel de Rooy, the UNICEF Representative in Bangladesh, spoke on the occasion marked by life- size animated characters of Meena cartoon and children's performance.

The first, second, and third award recipients of each category and age-groups received Tk 50,000, Tk 25,000 and Tk 15,000 in cash respectively in addition to a crest.


COMPETITIONS: UNICEF competition urges youth to think about tomorrow (EGYPT)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

CAIRO: Over 350 media students submitted films relayed their aspirations for the future as well as the challenges that face Egyptian youth and children today in the first edition of the Universities’ Movie Festival for Youth and Children.

The festival, which aims at supporting university students and recognizing their work, is organized by the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM), Egypt’s National Child Rights Observatory and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA) and the Italian Cooperation.

Films were submitted under three categories; documentaries, short films and public service announcements in the competition titled “What do you see for tomorrow?”

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RESEARCH / NEWS: UNICEF study explores the social networking habits of young people

11 October, Pretoria - Ask the parent of the average South African teenager what their child gets up to in the evenings, and many will tell you that their sons or daughters are probably typing away on their cellphones, on South Africa’s largest social network – MXit.

And it comes as no surprise. A recent survey conducted by UNICEF in partnership with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, MXit, and the University of Cape Town, revealed that 30 per cent of MXit users admitted to spending most of their after-school time socialising on the platform. 25,876 South African youths recently took part in the survey, which looked at how young people interact on the social media platform.

"The rise of the mobile internet in South Africa means that more people, especially youth, are using social networks as key tools in their identity formation. This timely report provides an important piece of the puzzle to understanding the formation of mobile youth cultures; and exploring the role that cellphone applications play in the lives of young South Africans," says Dr Tanja Bosch, senior lecturer in the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town.

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ARTICLES: MTV & The Associated Press Study Reveals Pervasiveness of Cyberbullying, Digital Discrimination and Sexting

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- MTV and The Associated Press today revealed the results of a new study exploring the pervasiveness of digital abuse, how it is affecting America's youth and how they're responding to it. According to the study, 76 percent of 14-24 year olds say that digital abuse is a serious problem for people their age. More than half (56 percent) of those surveyed say they have experienced abuse through social and digital media, up from 50 percent reported in the 2009 MTV-AP digital abuse survey. However, compared to 2009, young people in the 2011 study were significantly more likely to intervene, with a majority now saying they would step in if they saw someone "being mean online."

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ARTICLES / CYBERBULLYING: White House, Facebook, MTV Fight Cyberbullying

Top federal IT officials have teamed with Facebook and other private-sector organizations in an effort to respond to cyberbullying, a problem that increasingly is plaguing young people as they use social media.

U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra and President Obama's Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt are encouraging social-networking platforms and application developers to create new tools to "prioritize reports of abuse and corresponding interventions that might mitigate an escalating situation," according a White House blog post by the two IT officials.

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EVENTS: XVI International TV Festival Bar (MONTENEGRO)

Monday, 10 October 2011

The competition for submission of the programmes for this year`s sixteenth International TV Festival Bar has been finished today, and the parcel with a candidate`s programme should arrive to the address of the Festival Directorate (Jovana Tomasevica no. 57, 85000 Bar, Montenegro) until Tuesday, 20th September.

This year at the Festival, which will last from 26th to 30th October (Wednesday-Sunday) in the hotel ``Princess``, five competing categories will be represented. 

Apart from the documentary, the feature programmes and programmes from the field of ecology and tourism, this year two new categories are introduced: the children`s programme and the short TV forms (music videos, commercials, experimental/artistic short films and animation).

From all submitted programmes the Selection Committee will choose the best ones, which will be entered to the official competition programme of the Festival.

As a reminder, this year a new supporting content will be organized - the Regional Content Providing Market. This project aims at creating a specific regional television market, a place where producers, producers of programmes and distributers of programme contents and buyers i.e. emitters of programme (international, national, local, cable, etc.) meet. The Regional Content Providing Market will be held within the Festival, on 28th and 29th October in the hotel ``Princess`` in Bar

The Festival Directorate, which members are both Marija Perovic, an artistic director of the Festival and Ljiljana Djindjinovic, an administrative director, summons all media houses and TV creators who are interested in showing their projects at the Market, to submit their company profile or CV to the email address industry@tvfestbar.com until 20th September. A project description should contain the following details: names of the project, a producer, an author of the project, main actors, basic information (genre, form, duration), as well as the description of the project (3000-4000 characters).

All information on the Festival and on the Market, as well as the applications and propositions, can be found on the website www.tvfestbar.com

PROJECTS: Sesame Street Nigeria

With the goal of supporting Nigeria's basic education needs, Sesame Workshop developed the children's television series Sesame Square, broadcast on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

The first season, which debuted in May 2011, consists of 26 thirty-minute episodes that focus on curricular goals tailored to the developmental needs of Nigerian children. Season 2 broadcast is scheduled to begin in May 2012.

more info


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Why our children refuse to watch the local TV shows made just for them.

AUSTRALIAN children are choosing 35-year-old American sitcoms over local programs specifically designed for them, including those on ABC2 and the children's channel, ABC3.

The policy initiatives that rocketed Australia to prominence as an international children's television producer in the '80s are still in place, yet today's children prefer to watch Here's Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Happy Days and Mork and Mindy.

This despite rules around program standards, specific Australian quotas, subsidised financing and a Children's Television Foundation designed to innovate and create ground-breaking concepts.

So why, as Screen Australia's Convergence 2011 report points out, don't Australian children want to watch the Australian programs that are being produced for them?

NEWS / ICDB: UNICEF awards Iran radio program

Friday, 7 October 2011

Iranian producer Mitra Ziaei's radio program for children has won the 2011 UNICEF Regional Award for International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB).

Ziaei's program is aired on Iran's Salamat Radio and addresses children's issues. Two children perform in the show with a group of kids sitting in the studio, IRNA reported.

“I would like to take this opportunity and invite all Iranian television and radio broadcasters to join the future ICDB competitions and empower young people through involving them in the media,” said UNICEF Representative in Iran, Anna Riatti.

Ms. Ziaei's program won the award after competing with numerous radio programs from the countries in the Middle-East and North African (MENA).

full article

NEWS / EVENTS: Kuwait participates in GCC youth media forum contest

DUBAI: Young Kuwaitis competing with their peers from other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) council are hoping to achieve positive results in the media productions contest being held on the sidelines of the first GCC Youth Media Forum.

Speaking just after the opening of the forum, which began on Tuesday, one Kuwaiti participant at the three-day event, Nouf Al-Ammari, said that she is proud to be a member of the judging panel and wishes to see the event succeed, as well as praising the UAE's hospitality and the excellent organization of the event.

full article

NEWS / CALL FOR ENTRIES: Entries invited for UNICEF media awards focusing on children’s plight and rights

Thursday, 6 October 2011

DUBAI: The Middle East and North Africa (Mena) office of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), is now accepting entries for the "5th Regional Media Awards 2012.

The competition was recently launched in Dubai, when UNICEF regional director Shahida Azfar and regional goodwill ambassador Mahmoud Kabil, along with media representatives, as well as humanitarian and development experts, shared experiences and ideas to propagate the rights and privileges of Mena children, at the "7th Regional Media Forum" held at Al Morooj Rotana Hotel.

In an interview, Azfar acknowledged the important role of the media in bringing into focus real situations on the ground.

She said continuous lobbying must be done to achieve a much better world for the youth in this part of the world, even if "improvements" have been made in the fields of education, particularly girls education, infant mortality, female circumcision, and welfare.

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