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ARTICLES: How advertising influences your children

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The new £6m John Lewis Christmas advert is carefully calculated to tug on every adult’s heartstrings and get them spending. With research suggesting parents will fork out 64% more on their children this December 25 than in 1995, Dr John Jewell investigates the role that advertising plays in the life of our little ones
It should be of no surprise to any of us that advertising is an integral part of our culture and arguably the most important media of the advanced world.
Capitalism itself survives because of advertising, as we are encouraged to spend and replace rather than to repair and reuse.
The effects of this consumer culture and our love of ‘stuff’ has had a profound effect on family life.
Britain is now, according to a recent report by UNICEF, the worst country in the industrialised world to be a child, where parents feel under intense pressure to buy goods for their children. In homes across the nation, children’s bedrooms are now less a place to sleep and more a ‘media bedsit’ with a PC, an Xbox and a digital TV.
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