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AWARDS: New Youth EFA Award (Nordic countries)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February 20, 2012
The European film Academy announced in Berlin the launch of a new Youth EFA Award organised in collaboration with six European film institutes including the Danish and Swedish film institutes. 
Three youth films nominated by EFA will be screened on June 10 to a young audience (10 - 13 year-old) in six European cities including Copenhagen and Stockholm. Straight after the screenings, the youth audience will cast its vote for the winning film and the awards will take place the same day in Erfurt, Germany. 
The other European partners in this initiative are EYE Film Institute Netherlands (Amsterdam,Neteherlands), Film Centre Serbia (Belgrade), Deutsche Kindermedienstiftung Goldener Spatz (Erfurt, Germany), and Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Turin, Italy).

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