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NEWS: Young citizen journalists training comes to an end

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Islamabad - The first-ever Youth TechCamp in Pakistan concluded Saturday after three days of hands-on, interactive training in civic journalism and social activism, says a press release.

“I am really excited about Youth TechCamp because I believe I can help my community and my country as a whole through social media and citizen journalism,” said a young boy named Ali from Quetta, beaming with excitement at the event on Thursday.

Speak like Scotty

Friday, 28 September 2012

Like the Daily Show is real news

A news agency in Iran has published a report by the satirical news website, The Onion, saying rural white Americans would rather vote for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than Barack Obama.
Quoting The Onion word-for-word, Fars states that an opinion poll also found 77% would rather go to a baseball game or have a drink with Mr Ahmadinejad.
A made-up West Virginia resident is quoted as saying: "I like him better."
The report has not yet been published in Farsi on the agency's website.
The Fars news agency, which is affiliated with the powerful Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), does not credit The Onion for the report on the survey.
The West Virginia resident is also quoted as saying the Iranian leader "takes national defence seriously, and he'd never let some gay protesters tell him how to run his country like Obama does".
Iran banned alcohol after the Islamic revolution in 1979. Homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment or, in some cases, death.
Iranian media and politicians frequently refer to the US as the "Great Satan".
In 2004, China's state-run Beijing Evening News relayed a report by The Onion which said the US Congress was threatening to move out of Washington unless a new Capitol was built.
And in 2009, two Bangladeshi newspapers apologised after publishing an article taken from The Onion which claimed the Moon landings were faked.

NEWS: Social Good Summit panel debates the Web, social media, apps and handsets in service of A Promise Renewed

MP Nunan and Rebecca Obstler

NEW YORK, United States of America, 25 September 2012 - UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake asks you to imagine a football stadium. But he asks you to think about it in terms of child mortality.
“We have cut child mortality by 40 percent since 1990. Some countries…have cut it by over 60 percent. And that’s great news,” Mr. Lake said.
“But the fact is that, today, 19,000 kids will die,” he continued. “Just imagine that a football stadium or Madison Square Garden full of those kids, who are going to die today.  If they were all there, and the world knew – we could see them – do you think the world would be paying even more attention than it does now? I think it would.”

STUDIES: 90 Percent Of Children’s Programming Shows Social Bullying

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Over 90% of children's top 50 television shows display social bullying, according to new research.
In an age where social bullying is a growing hot topic, Nicole Martins, Indiana University, and Barbara J. Wilson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, published research in the Journal of Communication looking into whether children are exposed to these behaviors through television programs.
full article: redOrbit (http://s.tt/1ozi3)

Next up in commerical space from Wallops in VA

Mars wx on the ones

Sol 50 (Sep 26, 2012 UTC): Sunny, high 0C/32F, low -72C/-97F, pressure higher at 7.6 hPa, wind E at 7.2kmh/4.5mph, sunrise 6am, sunset 5pm

way down upon the martian river

NASA's Curiosity rover found evidence for an ancient, flowing stream on Mars at a few sites, including the rock outcrop pictured here, which the science team has named "Hottah" after Hottah Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories. It may look like a broken sidewalk, but this geological feature on Mars is actually exposed bedrock made up of smaller fragments cemented together, or what geologists call a sedimentary conglomerate. Scientists theorize that the bedrock was disrupted in the past, giving it the titled angle, most likely via impacts from meteorites.

The key evidence for the ancient stream comes from the size and rounded shape of the gravel in and around the bedrock. Hottah has pieces of gravel embedded in it, called clasts, up to a couple inches (few centimeters) in size and located within a matrix of sand-sized material. Some of the clasts are round in shape, leading the science team to conclude they were transported by a vigorous flow of water. The grains are too large to have been moved by wind.

A close-up view of Hottah reveals more details of the outcrop. Broken surfaces of the outcrop have rounded, gravel clasts, such as the one circled in white, which is about 1.2 inches (3 centimeters) across. Erosion of the outcrop results in gravel clasts that protrude from the outcrop and ultimately fall onto the ground, creating the gravel pile at left.

This image mosaic was taken by Curiosity's 100-millimeter Mastcam telephoto lens on its 39th Martian day, or sol, of the mission (Sept. 14, 2012 PDT/Sept. 15 GMT).

PROJECTS: Egyptian Youth Learn About Media, Civic and Social Participation

Part of InternewsNext, a series highlighting 30 youth-led media initiatives.

“I used to watch TV [and] radio, but never realized that I can do film or be an announcer,” said Mohamed Ahmed, one of 50 Egyptian students who recently took part in two social media camps designed to expand youth participation in Egyptian media.
Hosted by Internews in collaboration with the Egyptian Association for Media Creation and Development and the Hawaa Al-Mostakbel Society, the three-day camps served as a platform for students to learn practical media skills such as objectivity, accuracy, ethics and the negative consequences of hate speech, as well as work collaboratively and share knowledge with their peers.

Transatlantic cruise Nov

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Call for applications: Youth Event at 5th UNAOC Forum in Vienna, Austria

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The 5th Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations will take place in Vienna, Austria, from February 26 to 28, 2013. This forum will bring together a vast array of participants including youth, political and corporate leaders, civil society activists, representatives of faith communities, journalists, etc. to work together and agree on joint actions to improve relations across cultures and religions and build a lasting peace.

The Forum will explore on how responsible leadership can make a difference in three major issues including media pluralism and diversity of media content and their contribution to fostering public debate, democracy and awareness of diverse opinions.

Up to 150 youth (between 18 and 35 years old) from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds with outstanding track records in intercultural dialogue and youth work will be selected as participants of the Youth Event (February 26) and the 5th UNAOC Forum (February 27 and 28) in Vienna. The Austrian government is offering some financial support to up to 150 youth representatives wishing to attend the UNAOC Forum in Vienna.
Deadline for submission: November 1, 2012.

For more information on eligibility and to access the application form, please visit http://sasamihajlovic.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/call-for-applications-youth-event-at-5th-unaoc-forum-in-vienna-austria-february-2013/

ARTICLES: Young Storytellers Excel in Kenya

Part of InternewsNext, a series highlighting 30 youth-led media initiatives.

Like many young journalists, Rawlings Otieno, struggled to compete with seasoned journalists, who mainly report on politics. Then he began to carve out a niche for himself in health journalism.
“I realized that no one was interested in writing about health,” he says “So I took it up.”
Otieno, 26, writes for The Standard, one of the leading newspapers in Kenya. Internews’ health journalism training has helped him blossom in health storytelling.
In spite of the challenge of selling the health story in newsrooms bent on telling political stories, many journalists who have undergone Internews health journalism training and mentorship have been able to succeed in getting health issues publicized.
Saida Swaleh, a reporter with the Kenya Television Network, is only 23 years but has gained ample recognition for her work. In the inaugural 2012 Media Council of Kenya Awards, Swaleh was second runner up, in the young journalists of the year category.
full article on the Internews website

At last he writes..

Monday, 24 September 2012

forever Young: A Life of Adventure in Air and Space

John W. Young with James R. Hansen 
Foreword by Michael Collins

Details: 424 pages     6.125 x 9.25
Cloth: $29.95   ISBN 13: 978-0-8130-4209-1  
Pubdate: 9/16/2012

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"John Young has been at the center of human spaceflight since the mid-1960s, and his revealing autobiography speaks to internal issues, external possibilities, and the commitment of this individual to the movement of humanity beyond earth."--Roger D. Launius, senior curator, space history, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

"Young covers over forty years of NASA history in this breakthrough memoir, one that will inspire admiration for his achievements but also raise questions about the overall American space-faring enterprise."--Michael H. Gorn, author ofNASA: The Complete Illustrated History

He walked on the Moon. He flew six space missions in three different programs--more than any other human. He served with NASA for more than four decades. His peers called him the "astronaut's astronaut."
Enthusiasts of space exploration have long waited for John Young to tell the story of his two Gemini flights, his two Apollo missions, the first-ever Space Shuttle flight, and the first Spacelab mission. Forever Young delivers all that and more: Young's personal journey from engineering graduate to fighter pilot, to test pilot, to astronaut, to high NASA official, to clear-headed predictor of the fate of Planet Earth.
Young, with the assistance of internationally distinguished aerospace historian James Hansen, recounts the great episodes of his amazing flying career in fascinating detail and with wry humor. He portrays astronauts as ordinary human beings and NASA as an institution with the same ups and downs as other major bureaucracies. He frankly discusses the risks of space travel, including what went wrong with the Challenger and Columbia shuttles.
Forever Young is one of the last memoirs produced by an early American astronaut. It is the first memoir written by a chief of the NASA astronaut corps. Young's experiences and candor make this book indispensable to everyone interested in the U.S. space program.

John W. Young, retired astronaut and former NASA executive, has received more than eighty major awards for his career in aerospace, including six honorary doctorates. James R. Hansen is professor of history and former director of the Honors College at Auburn University. He has been associated with the NASA History Program for the past thirty-one years, and is the author of First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong and coauthor of Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle "Challenger" Disaster.

Remember when this was free..

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Welcomes Space Shuttle Atlantis

You are invited to be part of the once-in-a-lifetime Atlantis – Celebrate the Journey event, Friday, November 2, to welcome space shuttle Atlantis to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Space Shuttle Atlantis is making the 10-mile rolling journey from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the Visitor Complex atop the Orbiter Transportation System (OTS). The move will conclude at the new $100-milion permanent home under construction for the orbiter. The home for Atlantis is set to open summer 2013.

Atlantis - Celebrate the Journey Packages for Nov. 2, 2012:

Level 1: Atlantis Adventure Package - $115 adult/$105 child (ages 3-11), plus tax - SOLD OUT
  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex admission
  • Ticket and roundtrip transportation to Exploration Park featuring the opportunity to view and photograph Atlantis in 360 degrees from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
  • KSC Up-Close: Launch Pad tour
Additional activities at Exploration Park include interactive exhibits promoting the history and future of spaceflight and displays of spaceflight hardware from past, current and future programs. Exhibitors scheduled to attend include NASA, The Boeing Company, Sierra Nevada Corporation, SpaceX and XCOR Aerospace. 
KSC Up-Close: Launch Pad tour. Travel a quarter-mile within the perimeter security fence of Launch Pad 39-A to enjoy close-up views of the 350-foot high launch pad. Tour includes two photo opportunity stops including a new stop in front of the Flame Trench. Other sites on the tour include drive-by views of Launch Pad 39-B, the Vehicle Assembly Building and mobile launcher platforms with the tour culminating at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Tour times will be assigned in advance and you will be notified of the time when your tickets arrive. Tour times will depart between 9:30 and 10:50 a.m. to allow ample time to visit Exploration Park and return to the Visitor Complex to see Atlantis arrive. 
Level 2: Explorer Package - $90 adult/$80 child (ages 3-11), plus tax
  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex admission 
  • Ticket and roundtrip transportation to Exploration Park featuring the opportunity to view and photograph Atlantis in 360 degrees from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Additional activities include interactive exhibits promoting the history and future of spaceflight and displays of spaceflight hardware from past, current and future programs. Exhibitors scheduled to attend include NASA, The Boeing Company, Sierra Nevada Corporation, SpaceX and XCOR Aerospace. 
Level 3: Lift-off Package - $75 adult/$59 child (ages 3-11), plus tax 
  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex admission
  • KSC Up-Close: Launch Pad tour
KSC Up-Close: Launch Pad tour. Travel nearly a quarter-mile within the perimeter security fence of Launch Pad  39-A to enjoy close-up views of the 350-foot high launch pad. Tour includes two photo opportunity stops including a new stop in front of the Flame Trench. Other sites on the tour include drive-by views of Launch Pad 39-B, the Vehicle Assembly Building and mobile launcher platforms with the tour culminating at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Tour times will be assigned in advance and you will be notified of the time when your tickets arrive. Tour times will depart between 9:30 and 10:50 a.m. to allow ample time to visit Exploration Park and return to the Visitor Complex to see Atlantis arrive.
Level 4: Rollover Package - $50 adult/$40 child (ages 3-11), plus tax
  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex admission with the opportunity to see Atlantis travel along the roadway and enter the orbiter home from 5 to 6 p.m. During the day, enjoy special exhibits as well as the Kennedy Space Center Tour, Shuttle Launch Experience, 3D IMAX® space films, Astronaut Encounter, Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted and all exhibits. Admission also includes the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®.
Astronaut Autograph and Memorabilia Show benefitting the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation: The "who's who" of space exploration will be ready and waiting to sign autographs at the Kurt H. Debus Conference Facility, adjacent to the Rocket Garden. Each astronaut will have their own station and charge a fee for their autograph. Bring as much memorabilia as you'd like to be signed, or choose from a number of high-quality, glossy photos and memorabilia that will be available on-site for purchase. Meet more than 40 astronauts and special guests.
Admission is $15 for adults and children. Tickets will be available on the Astronaut Autograph and Memorabilia Show page, following the Atlantis – Celebrate the Journey ticket package page.
Please note: There will be no arrival to or exit from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex from 4 to 6 p.m. due to blocked roadways as the orbiter moves from Exploration Park to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

Atlantis – Celebrate the Journey Ticket Opportunity Process

Atlantis – Celebrate the Journey requires a special ticket purchase and is considered a blackout day for annual passholders. There is a limit of six (6) total tickets per transaction. Please note: All tickets will be shipped to the billing address where your credit card statement is received. Tickets will be shipped the week of October 12. 
Thank you for your interest in witnessing the journey of Atlantis as she makes her way to her new home at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Nov. 2!

For additional information or assistance, please call 1-877-278-9982. Call center hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.  

And you thought the dc beltway was bad from bbc news

Next time you complain about being stuck in traffic, spare a thought for the drivers in Brazil's biggest city, which has some of the worst congestion problems in the world.
Friday evenings are a commuter's worst nightmare in Sao Paulo.
That's when all the tailbacks in and out of the city extend for a total of 180km (112 miles), on average, according to local traffic engineers, and as long as 295km (183 miles) on a really bad day.
Red brake lights stretch as far back as the eye can see, blinking repeatedly as drivers endure an exasperating stop-and-go journey, which can continue for hours.
"It's like a sea. A sea of cars," says Fabiana Crespo, as she slowly navigates the congested streets with her 10-month-old baby Rodrigo.

Start Quote

We have become slaves of traffic”
Fabiana Crespo
"For a long time I lived with my family in the south of Sao Paulo and worked on the other side of town.
"So when I got married, I decided to move to the north of the city to be close to the office, because commuting can make your life hell," she says.
"But after my first son was born I decided to go back to running the family business which is in my old neighbourhood. So I am back to the ordeal crossing the whole city to go to work."
Fabiana Crespo gives Paulo Cabral a taste of her daily commute
For Crespo it's a journey that can take more than two hours of her day - each way.
Traffic jams cause problems all over the world, and not just for drivers, but in Sao Paulo they have become more than a nuisance.
Heavy traffic is an integral part of life and culture in this vast city of more than 11m people.
"We have become slaves of traffic and we have to plan our lives around it," says Crespo.
Sao Paulo map
By the time she gets back home after another stressful two-hour commute it is already evening, and her husband is waiting with their older child, three-year-old Pedro.
However she also knows that it is a certain irony that it was in one of those terrible congestions nine years ago that she met the man she would eventually marry.

Traffic jams elsewhere

Traffic jams in Mexico
  • Mexico City topped the IBM commuter pain survey of 20 cities, followed by Shenzen,BeijingNairobi and Johannesburg
  • Sao Paulo was not included in the survey
  • The most congested US cities, according to the Texas Transportation Institute, are Washington DCChicago and Los Angeles
  • In Europe, they are Warsaw, Marseilles andRome, says a survey by TomTom
"I was with a friend in my car and he was in his car also with a friend. In the stop and go of the traffic jam we started driving side by side and then he started looking at me," says Crespo says.
After some flirting through the car windows, Mauricio managed to convince Fabiana to give him her phone number. He called, and an enduring love story began.
"I think this is the only thing we can't complain about in Sao Paulo's traffic", she says.
However for most motorists, the story is one of frustration and local news radios dedicate considerable energy and airtime to ensure motorists are fully up to date.
There is even one station dedicated exclusively to reporting traffic conditions and alternative routes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Since it was set up seven years ago, Sul America Traffic Radio has gathered a large following of listeners who also act as reporters, calling in to update other motorists or to vent their frustrations.
During rush hour, the station has the support of a helicopter while a team of reporters is out on the road, often stuck in traffic themselves.
Among them is Victoria Ribeiro, whose job is to drive around town finding traffic jams - not in itself much of a challenge - and to find ways to escape the mess.
"I have been working with the radio since its beginnings and we can see the traffic is only getting worse, as more cars are coming onto the streets," she says.
Sul America tries to help drivers cope
The Brazilian car industry has been breaking successive production records over the last decade, as the income of millions of Brazilians has improved thanks to economic growth.
Owning a car is a widely held aspiration, offering an alternative to the city's deficient public transport system, and the ultimate proof of belonging to the middle class.
However while the explosion in car sales was essential to sustain Brazilian economic growth, it has also pushed Sao Paulo's "sea of cars" to a whole new level.
"It's like a war, because everybody seems to become very selfish once they are behind the wheel of a car," says Ms. Ribeiro.
For those who have enough money there is another option - they can literally hover above the problem.
The combination of bad traffic and fear of crime - two major concerns in Sao Paulo - a growing helicopter industry is able to ferry around the super rich or business executives.
"If I hire a helicopter for a few hours I can hop between helipads and have three or four meetings in one day, which would be impossible if I had to move back and forth by car," says legal consultant Sergio Alcibiades, who uses an air taxi service a few times a month. "For me this is a tool to make money."
Helicopter flies over Sao Paulo
The owner of Helimart Air Taxi, Jorge Bittar, says his company is enjoying an average growth of 10% per year and has 16 helicopters that rarely stay on the ground for long.
"When it comes to traffic, the worse it gets, the better it is for us."
There may be opportunities for some but traffic jams also have a negative impact on the economy.
Marginal Pinheiros highwayThe Marginal Pinheiros is a key Sao Paulo highway
The heavy traffic has a huge impact on the cost of living and doing business says Claudio Barbieri, a professor in engineering and transport expert from the University of Sao Paulo.
"If you have a truck and this truck cannot make more than six to eight deliveries instead of 15 or 20, you need two trucks, so everything becomes more expensive."
Professor Barbieri says Sao Paulo has skilled and experienced traffic engineers that somehow manage to get the city to flow, albeit slowly.
"But the big problem is that we Brazilians are terrible with planning and traffic will only become more manageable if we start looking into real long-term solutions."
But he is also clear that a "more manageable traffic" environment is the best possible scenario that can be achieved.
"No city in the world will ever manage to end congestion because when traffic flows, people are drawn to their cars. The key is to find a balance, the point at which it is worthwhile for commuters to use public transport because it's faster then driving", he says.
"That way Sao Paulo needs urgently to invest more in public transport instead of building new roads and expressways that will only be filled up with more cars."

Firedrake the book

Firedrake – China’s Secret Shortwave Jamming Project Exposed!

Firedrake – China’s Secret Shortwave Jamming Project Exposed!  by Steven Handler is the new revised and updated version of  this electronic publication.  Published in late August, 2012, this eBook it is now available through Amazon.com for the Kindle, and Barnes and Noble for the Nook.
A little “Firedrake” History-
The Chinese government jams or interferes with the HF broadcasts of certain shortwave stations that they apparently deem “dangerous” for their citizens to hear. My publication serves as a guide to the world of Chinese jamming and helps the reader learn about Firedrake and some of China’s other shortwave jamming stations.
Included are jamming frequencies heard during the current A-11 shortwave broadcasting season as well as times of reception. Also included are frequencies heard in use during the past two shortwave broadcasting seasons (A-11 and B-11).  Readers will also find information about the direction finding results identifying transmitter sites which I obtained from ITU registered monitoring sites. There is also a virtual tour of a Chinese jamming facility.
The Kindle version is available for $3.99 from Amazon.com (stock number ASIN: B0093NNABQ ) you can find more information and view sample pages at Amazon.com.  Click Here 
The Nook version is available for $3.99 from Barnes and Noble.com ( Stock number BN ID: 2940015701814)  you can find more information and view sample pages at Barnes and Noble.com Click Here
For those that have neither a Kindle or Nook, both Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook) on their respective web sites offer free downloads to allow their eBook formats to be read on PC’s, MAC’s, iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
The author does not sell copies of this publication directly.  Rather copies are sold by Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and are or will be sold by other e-Bookstores.

Family Radio not dead yet

*After nearly a year’s absence, Family Radio is returning to the radio dial in southeast PENNSYLVANIAand southern NEW JERSEY with the purchase of WPEN (950 Philadelphia) from Greater Media.
A year ago, it appeared the network’s parent company, Family Stations, Inc., was nearing its own end times. The California-based religious broadcaster, once among the nation’s biggest, had spent millions of dollars on an ad campaign pushing founder Harold Camping’s warning that the apocalypse would begin in May 2011 (“It Is Guaranteed!,” boasted the billboards) and the network had put two of its big commercially-licensed signals up for sale to try to make ends meet.
By late 2011, Family had exited the Philadelphia market with the $22.5 million sale of WKDN (106.9 Camden NJ), which flipped to commercial operation as Merlin Media’s WWIQ. It appeared at the time that the network had no intention of coming back; after all, in its previous sales of commercial FM facilities in San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego, Family had remained on the air by purchasing or swapping for AM signals with reasonable coverage, but in Philadelphia it left the airwaves entirely. (Family’s other commercial sale in 2011 was Washington-Baltimore market WFSI-FM, which went to CBS Radio; Family already owned two Baltimore AM signals which retained the network’s programming in at least part of the former FM coverage area.)
And now that Family appears to have stabilized its finances under new management (Camping, now 91, is in poor health and largely removed from day-to-day operations there), it’s coming back to Philadelphia – and solving a bit of a quandary for Greater Media, too.
Earlier in the decade, Greater had invested millions of dollars in upgrading WPEN’s AM signal to become more competitive in the market, boosting daytime power at the station’s existing site in the Overbrook neighborhood and relocating 950′s nighttime service to the Germantown transmitter site of daytimer WWDB (860). While the technical improvements indeed made 950 available to more potential Philadelphia listeners, the future was clearly on the FM dial – and three years ago, that’s why Greater blew up top-40 “Now 97.5″ (WNUW Burlington NJ) and replaced it with a WPEN-FM sports simulcast. “97.5 the Fanatic” has never quite edged out CBS Radio’s WIP (even before WIP made its own AM-to-FM move) in the ratings, but it’s been a success for Greater nonetheless, recently landing rights to 76ers basketball and Flyers hockey, should that season actually take place.
So what to do with 950? The AM signal, though branded separately as “950 AM ESPN,” was nearly a total simulcast of 97.5 – and it wasn’t even serving much of a purpose as a home for programming overflow; the Flyers, for instance, had already negotiated to have their games bumped to Greater Media rocker WMMR (93.3) in the event of a conflict with the Sixers. (Villanova University sports were AM-only, and it’s not clear where they’ll go now.)
The sale of 950 leaves Greater Media as a four-FM cluster in Philadelphia: WMMR, WPEN-FM, adult hits WBEN-FM (95.7) and classic rock WMGK (102.9). The terms of the deal haven’t yet been announced, though it appears Family won’t take control of the AM signal until closing – and it raises a few more interesting questions:

wish the US did something like this

The Swedish lobster hunting season began at 7am today. Hundreds of fishermen boats along Sweden's west coast set-off to catch the sea's so-called "black gold." The Board of Fisheries says it is difficult to estimate how many lobsters are actually caught in this country every year, since not all fishermen file reports, and some put out more traps than are allowed.
In 2003, stricter laws were introduced to stop a decline in the lobster population. Individuals are limited to 14 pots per-person compared to the previous forty, and young lobster catch must be thrown back into the sea. In recent years, there has been a growth in organised lobster safaris for tourists keen on catching some "black gold."
Professional lobster fisherman Martin Olofsson runs a lobster safari for guests at the Smögen Hafsbad hotel. He told Radio Sweden that it was quite a sight at sea before 7 this morning.
"There were 70 to 80 boats around the island (smögen) full of lobster pots, all ready for 7am," he says to Radio Sweden.
The Swedish coastguard has issued a safety message to those inexperienced fishermen hunting lobster asking everyone to wear life jackets and carry a mobile phone.
On Tuesday, the first lobster catch will be auctioned off.

Call for Proposals: Verzio DocFest Workshop

Call for Proposals: Verzio DocFest Workshop
Verzio DocLab, a four-day workshop taking place in Budapest from November 7 to 10, 2012, for documentary filmmakers, independent producers and festival organizers working on projects regarding minorities, immigration, social justice or human rights issues is now accepting proposals. Participants working on Roma issues, or coming from a Roma background, will have a priority in the selection.

The event is part of the Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival and will be organized in collaboration with Finnagora, the Open Society Arts and Culture Program, Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival and Documentary in Europe.

Application deadline: October 10, 2012

EVENTS: Children’s film festival underway in Lahore

Sunday, 23 September 2012

LAHORE: The Little Art group in collaboration with Teacher's Resource Center, is holding 4th International Children's Film Festival, Geo News reported.

Held at the Ali auditorium at the Ali Institute of Education, the ceremony marked the second day of the six-day long film festival in which 86 films from 32 countries will be screened.

The organizers here on Tuesday said the festival is aimed at enhancing media literacy of young people, fostering children's creativity and imagination by showcasing the very best in filmmaking for and by children and young people.

The UK Meteor up close and personal

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Meteor close-up from Northamptonshire

Mars rover does a science.

- NASA's rover Curiosity touched a Martian rock with its robotic arm for the first time on Sept. 22, assessing what chemical elements are in the rock called "Jake Matijevic."
After a short drive the preceding day to get within arm's reach of the football-size rock, Curiosity put its Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) instrument in contact with the rock during the rover's 46th Martian day, or sol. The APXS is on a turret at the end of the rover's 7-foot (2.1-meter) arm. The Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), on the same turret, was used for close-up inspection of the rock. Both instruments were also used on Jake Matijevic on Sol 47 (Sept. 23).
The Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) instrument, which shoots laser pulses at a target from the top of Curiosity's mast, also assessed what chemical elements are in the rock Jake Matijevic. Using both APXS and ChemCam on this rock provides a cross calibration of the two instruments.
With a final ChemCam laser testing of the rock on Sol 48 (Sept. 24), Curiosity finished its work on Jake Matijevic. The rover departed the same sol, with a drive of about 138 feet (42 meters), its longest yet. Sol 48, in Mars local mean solar time at Gale Crater, ended at 3:09 p.m. Sept. 24, PDT.
Curiosity landed on Mars seven weeks ago to begin a two-year mission using 10 instruments to assess whether a carefully chosen study area inside Gale Crater has ever offered environmental conditions favorable for microbial life.
JPL, a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, manages the Mars Science Laboratory Project, including Curiosity, for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington. JPL designed and built the rover. The Space Division of MDA Information Systems Inc. built the robotic arm in Pasadena.

The seasons from space.happy fall northern hemisphere

Whos Homer voting for

Friday, 21 September 2012

Not that you're shuttle years are over what are you going to do next Endeavor?

Yo Mitt this is what a president does

gaggle of photos name the people and places


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