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Another Sw station leave the airwaves

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The News (Karachi), 7 Sept 2012, Ahmad Noorani: "Radio Pakistan management has decided to shut down 5 shortwave (SW) transmitters installed at HTP Rawat with immediate effect. These transmitters installed over a vast area of about 370 acres of land to transmit Radio Pakistan signals to the outside world including South East Asia, Gulf, Middle East, Europe and some other parts. The Radio Pakistan – Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) — management is doing so to shift external services on internet and subsequently on satellite. The staff members of PBC are of the view that short wave receivers are common across the world while everybody especially the rural and some of the urban population do not have internet or satellite receivers in their radio sets. They view that Radio Pakistan’s SW installations are a strategic asset, which send Pakistan’s message to the whole world and complete elimination of this infrastructure will be a great loss for Pakistan. ... However, on the other side, DG PBC, Murtaza Solangi is of the view that SW analogue technology is becoming redundant now and installed SW equipment has almost become outdated. He said this system consumed very big amount of electricity and yielded almost no results in return and thus remained unfeasible in a country which is already facing power shortages."

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