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EVENTS: 4th Arab Youth Media Forum to Start on Tuesday

Monday, 27 February 2012

Manama-Feb 26-(BNA) The 4th Arab Youth Media Forum will open in Bahrain on Tuesday, under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa.
The two-day pan-Arab event marks the celebration of Bahrain as Capital of Arab Press 2012.

Arab officials, diplomats and media figures will attend the official opening during which winners of the 2011 awards will be honoured.

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ARTICLES: Russian youth eschews the zombo box

Friday, 24 February 2012

With the Kremlin in control of most television channels and broadband penetration rising, TV is a rare sight in the lives of youngsters in Russia – it is commonly known as ‘zombo box’ and considered very old school, saysKonstantin Pinaev*
Instead, almost all media consumption is built exclusively around the Internet – with legal and illegal downloading, advanced systems of recommendations, ratings, discussions and endless streams of suggestions from social networks, blogs and microblogs.
YouTube has its own Russian superstars, some getting over 2 million views on every video they post. More and more shows  – like Minaev Live or GosDep – are now exclusively online, streaming live at certain times of the week, engaging with audiences via the likes of Twitter and Skype.
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TRAINING: Youth enlightened on social media (NAMIBIA)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Namibia Business Innovation Center (NBIC), together with Rlabs Academy, is hosting its first session of three workshops aimed at training young people in social media and its applications at the NBIC Innovation Village. The workshop started on 13 February and will end on the 24th of this month.

Rlabs Academy’s mission is to teach young people how to use different social networks and to learn IT skills, thus allowing them to become trainers, consultants or software developers for organisations that want to create, enhance and develop their networking activities. Previous workshop graduates have gone on to become trainers or consultants for businesses, creating about 400 jobs in total.

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ARTICLES: Leveson inquiry urged to consider portrayal of young people (UK)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

by Janaki Mahadevan Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Youth organisations have called for the Leveson inquiry to consider reforms to the editors' code of practice to encourage a fairer portrayal of young people in the press.
The 60 organisations led by the Youth Media Agency have signed up to a submission, which calls on the code to include age as a classification of discrimination and for it to include a clause that stipulates that journalists must exercise a duty of care to avoid negative generalisations about children and young people.
The submission also recommends that the Press Complaints Commission is made more accessible to children and young people and develops a child-friendly interface on its website.

AWARDS: New Youth EFA Award (Nordic countries)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February 20, 2012
The European film Academy announced in Berlin the launch of a new Youth EFA Award organised in collaboration with six European film institutes including the Danish and Swedish film institutes. 
Three youth films nominated by EFA will be screened on June 10 to a young audience (10 - 13 year-old) in six European cities including Copenhagen and Stockholm. Straight after the screenings, the youth audience will cast its vote for the winning film and the awards will take place the same day in Erfurt, Germany. 
The other European partners in this initiative are EYE Film Institute Netherlands (Amsterdam,Neteherlands), Film Centre Serbia (Belgrade), Deutsche Kindermedienstiftung Goldener Spatz (Erfurt, Germany), and Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Turin, Italy).

NEWS / TRAINING: Intermedia Pakistan launches training sessions on child reporting

ISLAMABAD: Journalists from different print and electronic news media outlets in Islamabad will attend a day long training session today (Tuesday) on professional reporting about children in Pakistan.

The training is being arranged by Intermedia Pakistan, a media development organisation, working with UNICEF to improve the extent and quality of public discourse about child rights and protection issues. The project website www.childreninmedia.pk has also been launched; it will feature updates, news and events related to this initiative and will also highlight news content developed by the trained journalists. The media training in Islamabad follows the development of a code of ethics on child rights and protection issues. The code was drafted after consultation with senior journalists, media managers and relevant civil society organisations. The formal endorsement of voluntary code of ethics was done through two events organised in Karachi and Lahore by major media organisations.

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NEWS / OPPORTUNITIES / FESTIVALS / PRINT: “My Dream Interview” Festival draws youth to newspapers

Newspapers from around the world are invited to participate in a new global journalism experience for youth organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) that results in young people interviewing entertainment stars or other public figures – and increased circulation for participating newspapers.

The "
My Dream Interview" international youth reporter festival of success stories, supported by the Fundacion Acindar of Argentina, asks school teams of 11- to 15-year olds to choose a prominent person they would like to interview, then come up with the questions to ask.

The school teams submit their idea and questions to the participating newspaper, which chooses the best set of questions, helps the winning team conduct the interview, and publishes it. Newspapers can then enter the interview in a worldwide WAN-IFRA competition, with the winners presented at a ceremony at the IFRA Expo in Madrid in October. Winning interviews will be distributed globally by 
The Interview People, with all royalties going to winning schools.

Already on board are La Nacion of Argentina, The Monitor of Uganda, Polskapresse of Poland, The West Australian, and many others. The 
registration deadline is 29 February. WAN-IFRA is also providing a guide to newspapers to help teachers work with students on creating a journalistic interview


EVENTS / FESTIVALS: Roger Moore to attend
 Muscat film festival

Sunday, 19 February 2012

MUSCAT — Next month's Muscat International Film Festival (MIFF) has received a shot in the arm with the announcement that Sir Roger Moore, the legendary former James Bond star, will be visiting the city during the festival.
"It is a dream come true for us and it will be an honour to host this great Bond figure in Oman," Dr Khalid Al Zadjali, Chairman of the Oman Film Society (OFS) and MIFF, said, adding: "Sir Roger is not just a famous star, he is a man with a golden heart — as he is also a goodwill ambassador of the Unicef."

The 7th MIFF, from March 24 to 31, the biggest so far, has attracted participation from more than 90 countries, including the US, the UK, France, Japan, China, India, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Egypt and Iran.
Moore, who portrayed British secret agent James Bond in seven films from 1973 to 1985 and voted 'Best Bond' in the Academy Awards poll in 2008, will be honoured at the closing ceremony of the festival on March 31, coinciding with international celebrations of 007's 50th anniversary.

ARTICLES: Teaching Kids To Shape Media

Monday, 13 February 2012

February 12, 2012, 12:11am
MANILA, Philippines — A connection between a global internship program and media education may be remote. But trust young Filipinos in contriving an appropriate link.
That is what a small group of Adamson University students figured out when their AIESEC chapter linked with the National Council for Children’s Television in spreading the gospel of media literacy in five heavily populated public grade schools in Sampaloc recently. Just armed with grit and bravura, the group led by Gerard Teodosio, 19, whose AIESEC job it is to forge workable external relations, convinced the education bureau in staging the project.
The group not only signed up NCCT but also enlisted the assistance of two foreign exchange students, Joy Zhang, 19, of China and Rieska Febriana, a 20-year-old Indonesian. Together, they mingled with and cajoled kids in Grade 4 and 5 of General Licerio Geronimo, Benigno Aldana, Trinidad Tecson, Moises Salvador and Benito Legarda Elementary Schools, all in the university belt. It was no ordinary feat engaging hundreds of enthusiastic pupils out to make the most of their furlough on campus.

EVENTS: Find out more about media use of children's pictures (UK)

A BRISTOL training firm is helping to stage a conference about childhood and the media.
The event, at the Michael Tippett Centre at Bath Spa University, is the fourth in a series of child protection events and features several high-profile speakers.
The conference, on Friday, April 20, staged by David Niven Associates and Bath Spa University, will focus on the rights and responsibilities surrounding images of children and young people.
For further information, email info@dnivenassociates.co.uk or visit www.www.dnivenassociates.co.uk.

EVENTS: Roma Film Festival “Golden Wheel” - 2012

The ninth edition of the Roma Film Festival "Golden Wheel" - 2012 will take place in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, in early April 2012. 

Eligible are any films: (a) Documentaries or TV films presented by film companies, film studios, independent producers, distributors or any other copyright owners of the films and (b) Films that portray Roma people - their life, culture, traditions, language, etc.

Those who would like to participate in the Ninth Roma Film Festival "Golden Wheel" should fill out the entry-form and e-mail it prior to March 15th, 2012.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Organizing Committee of the Ninth Roma Film Festival "Golden Wheel" 2012

AWARDS: European Children's Film Association Selects 2012 Award Winner

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The European Children’s Film Association (EFCA) has selected the Belgian family feature “A pas de Loup” (“On the Sly”) for the inaugural EFCA Award for Best European Children’s Film of the Year. Directed by Olivier Ringer, “A pas de Loup” was selected for the prize by 60 members of the EFCA who are active in the children’s film industry -- the award was announced yesterday at the Berlin International Film Festival.

“A pas de Loup” follows Cathy, a young girl ignored by her parents, who decides to run away into a nearby forest. “We are very happy to announce that the first-ever ECFA Award went to the beautiful, artistically uncompromising ‘A pas de Loup.’ We also hope that this award can contribute to an increased focus on all the fantastic children’s film that are made in Europe,” said Tonje Hardersen, ECFA president. Titles qualified for the award throughout 2011 at a series of nine kid’s fests, including the Children's Film Festival Seattle. “A pas de Loup” stars Winona Ringer as Cathy and debuted last year in the Berlinale’s “Generation” section, going on to win numerous awards at international festivals.

Founded in 1988, ECFA is an association of professionals and organizations who operate within the field of quality films for children and youth. It aims to secure children’s access to the best possible film culture and to increase an awareness of the need for good media politics in European countries.

Source - ECFA website

PRESS RELEASE / RESEARCH: Ofcom Update: Revealed: How parents control children’s access to adult media

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A new online survey conducted by the website ParentPort reveals that, of those parents surveyed whose children watch films at home, 40% had allowed their children to watch a film classified above their age.
The survey of 1,800 respondents from the UK's two largest online parenting communities – Mumsnet and Netmums - reveals the challenges and pressures parents face when it comes to keeping the media their children see age-appropriate.

ParentPort was set up last October to make it easier for parents to complain about material they see or hear across the media, communications and retail industries.

The news release on the survey can be found here on the ParentPort website.

NEWS: Safer Internet Day 2012 celebrated in Albania

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

TIRANA, 7 February 2012 - Safer Internet Day 2012 brought together the Albanian Minister of Innovation and Technology, mobile operators, parents, teachers, civil society and NGOs in an attempt to increase child safety on line with concrete measures.

The Ministry of Innovation recently started an awareness campaign (1-17 February 2012) in order to build a strong commitment around this issue. During his speech, Minister Pollo highlighted the need to adopt the best European practices and sign an ICT Code of Ethics. "We should offer the Albanian children a possibility to report cases of abuse while they use the Internet."

ARTICLES: David Cameron: Safer Internet Day 'is a personal priority'

David Cameron has lent his support to Safer Internet Day, saying making sure parents are empowered enough to ensure their children’s safety online is a “personal priority” of his.

T he Prime Minister said: “It never ceases to amaze me how quickly children grasp new technology, cracking it instinctively to hunt down their favourite website. As a parent it can be daunting to keep up, and worrying to know that alongside the fun, games and educational sites there are dangers they need to be protected from.

“Safer Internet Day aims to address these concerns by empowering parents, helping them to understand the problems then arming them with the right tools to keep their children safe online. Getting this right is a personal priority for me. It's important to have a joined up approach across the industry to ensure the information parents need get through effectively.”

full article from "The Telegraph"

ARTICLES: The young and the restless

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

While teens happily barrel along the information highway, parents are setting up a few roadblocks.

Children aged eight to 18 seem to be surgically attached to their phones these days, absorbed in a digital world far removed from physical boundaries, and often parental ones too. But parents are getting increasingly concerned, and clued up, about thevirtual playgrounds their children are frequenting.
Heather Hansen, who runs educational workshops on Internet safety at Teenworx, says while children have the digital world at their fingertips, they don't necessarily know how to use it. “We're asked to go into schools and sometimes children as young as Grade Four (nine to 10 years old) have access to BlackBerrys, which is stressful for them because they have all this technology and aren't sure what to do with it.”

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NEWS / PROJECTS: Underserved youth showcase their movie making prowess through 'Adobe Youth Voices'

Monday, 6 February 2012

Adobe Youth Voices (AYV), the signature philanthropic initiative by the Adobe Foundation celebrated the completion of six successful years of the program in India by screening over 22 short films made by children from the underserved community. Touching across a range of social topics like gender discrimination, education and corruption the short films highlighted issues that that are core to the hearts of these children.

Further, the foundation also announced the first ever Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards, a global online media festival honoring young people who creatively communicate their vision for change in their communities and their lives. Students aged 13-18 are invited to compete across eight sub-categories – animation, documentary, music video, narrative video, poetry-experimental video, audio, graphic design and photography and can submit their entries through an educator or mentor by April 20, 2012.

AYV is a partnership between the Adobe Foundation and the American India Foundation (AIF) and empowers youth to comment on their world using multimedia and digital tools to communicate and share their ideas, demonstrate their potential, and take action in their communities. The AYV global network includes more than 750 sites, grantees, and organizations, across 50 countries engaging over 150,000 youth and 8,200 educators in schools and out of school programs. In India, the program is currently operating in 70 sites reaching out to more than 3500 children and 84 educators across the country. The Adobe Foundation also announced scholarships worth Rs.125,000 for meritorious AYV students.

full article - Adobe Youth Voices website

EVENTS / NEWS: Ukrainian junior journalists promote 'nice television'

Kyiv, February 3 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Television needs to be improved, and this concerns not only Ukrainian television, organizers of a press conference entitled "Children's Media in Ukraine for Friendship or Aggression? Freedom of Speech and Responsibility" hosted by Interfax-Ukraine on Friday have said.
"I'm fighting all the time to start a children's channel with children's programs. Everyone should note that there are not only small children that watch cartoons, which are by the way very primitive - there are also such people as you [junior journalists] that want to watch their news, their TV programs, their films. There are many programs produced in Ukraine, but they are not shown on TV," said director, Birds children's media-studio leader and Open Policy Foundation member Olena Zelenska.

EVENTS: Student playwriting competition marks Safer Internet Day 2012 (BULGARIA)

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) team has developed two lessons introducing the theme to the children: to motivate and help them think about various possible situations, which are resolved by co-operation between a child and an adult, and to provide them with a simple guide on how to develop a scenario. The prizes are smartphones from the Mobiltel mobile operator, multimedia sets from Microsoft Bulgaria, and a challenging experience together.
The Bulgarian SIC have already received about 40 scenarios from children of different ages and schools all over the country. The topic of connecting generations has been developed into various creative ideas. The children organised themselves and worked in teams together with their teachers and parents. Most of the topics are related to online risks. Initial observations are that most of the children are sensitive to the existing dangers online. A lot of the stories in the elaborated scenarios have a positive outcome: this shows children's belief in a safer online world.
The three best scenarios will be chosen by a jury and the winners will work with professional theatre directors to prepare themselves for performing on stage at the national SID 2012 event. The event will be held in a theatre in Sofia and, after a brief press conference, the winners will have their minutes of glory in front of the audience.

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EVENTS: Safer Internet Day 2012 (TURKEY)

At Insafe, we are always happy to hear of the work of third countries (i.e. those outside of the Insafe network of the 27 EU member states plus Iceland, Norway and Russia) in terms of their online safety actions. Here, we learn about a new safer internet service in Turkey… 

The Safer Internet Service project in Turkey has been launched to protect children and youth from harmful content on the internet. It is currently one of the most considerable projects in Turkey and, while developing the service, the regulation requests and complaints of internet users to the Information Technologies and Communication Agency have been taken in consideration. On 28 August 2011, following technical studies with relevant industries “principles and procedures concerning a safer internet service” was determined by the Turkish Information Technologies and Communication Agency.

ARTICLES: Fat Free TV – one step towards tackling childhood obesity

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The impact of junk food advertising on childhood obesity is a topic often debated in the media. One side calls for banning junk food advertising during children's television viewing times while the other questions whether ad bans will work, decrying a "nanny state".
Some commentators choose to lay blame squarely on parents' shoulders, as if that alone will be enough to reverse the worrying levels of childhood obesity in Australia. But the complexity surrounding childhood obesity and the need to act cannot be denied.
One in four Australian children is considered overweight, and unfortunately a high proportion of these kids will become overweight adults. This increases their chance of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

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