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IT / LEARNING: Opinion: Technology can empower learning

Friday, 31 August 2012

Children and adolescents are growing, learning, playing and working in a rapidly changing world with an evolving variety of digital devices all around them. Technologies and interactive media are pervasive in young people’s everyday lives. In the last five years, computers, tablets, multi-touch screens, interactive whiteboards, mobile devices, cameras, music players, audio recorders, electronic toys, games, and ebooks have become increasingly popular, prevalent and less expensive.

In many countries around the world, educational technology standards are guiding the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) skills within national and local curricula. At present, the B.C. Ministry of Education has no articulated educational technologies set of guidelines for education.
In today’s schools, a parent or administrator might walk into a classroom and see all the students using digital tablets. But how can they tell if this technology is being used appropriately? What are some of the positive and negative issues of using educational technologies with children? Can technologies be used to empower learning?

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Opinion+Technology+empower+learning/7170264/story.html#ixzz257FdKmTE

RBSP Atlas V Launch

Thursday, 30 August 2012

TRAINING: Samar holds Advanced Media Skills Training for the youth

DARAM, Samar, Aug 30 (PIA) -- Thirty children and youth participated in the Advanced Media Skills training conducted on August 24 at Barangay Saugon in the island town of Daram, Samar. 

The participants aged 11 to 17 were from the municipalities of Daram, Gandara and Santa Margarita, all in the province of Samar, according to Janice Tapil, a Plan Philippines youth volunteer. 

The training was led by Plan Philippines, a non-government organization that advocates and protects the rights of children and AnakTV, whose advocacies are for child-sensitive and family-oriented television programs.

full article

SOCIAL MEDIA / ACTIVISM: HIV/AIDS awareness spread throughout social media

Young people throughout the Caribbean have participated in an online video competition to help spread the message of safe sex to prevent the spread of AIDS and HIV.

In an attempt to address the growing numbers on HIV/AIDS cases in the region, the non-profit organisation PSI Caribbean hosted a region-wide competition to find its next “Got it? Get it” brand ambassadors. The competition opened 1 April, 2012 with PSI Caribbean asking Caribbean youth aged 18-30 to create three-minute videos based on the theme ”Getting to Zero”.

“We have rallied together and have made huge strides forward in research, prevention, and treatment of this disease. This has brought us to a pivotal moment where we are, for the first time, daring to voice the reality that we can turn the tide and end HIV/AIDS,” said Cory McCullough, social media manager for Trinidad-headquartered PSI Caribbean and its “Got it? Get it” youth brand.

Sub Orbital flight anyone

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


The final daze

The saviour counts down to his final show

He’s raised millions for charity, spent the longest time on Radio 1 breakfast, and now he’s getting ready to go.

Chris Moyles has started a three week countdown to his final breakfast show on BBC Radio 1, with highlights of the last eight and a half years being played every half an hour.
His penultimate show on September 13th will be broadcast live from the BBC Radio Theatre in front of a studio audience. Special friends of the show will join Chris and the team throughout the morning to say their goodbyes.
The final show will look back at the time Chris and his team have spent on breakfast, including sidekick Comedy Dave, Dominic Byrne, Tina Daheley, Aled, Freya and Pippa. It’ll no doubt include a number of goodbye messages from the show’s showbiz friends.
Both shows will be broadcast on the BBC Red Button and streamed online.

one sun many planets

CALL FOR ENTRIES / FESTIVALS: International Rolling Film Festival - showcasing films about Roma

Romawood and Balkan Sunflowers NGO’s from Kosovo are        organizing a third edition of International Rolling Film Festival - showcasing films about Roma.

We are now accepting films entries to be considered for official programing of the festival.
The call for entries are for:

Documentaries, short or long
Feature Films
Short Films

All the films should be translated or subtitles in English. Filmmakers should send their films as soon as possible together with; entry form, stills of film and directors photograph, bio and filmography attached and send to rollingfilmfestival@gmail.com

IT/ PROJECTS: Partner Profile: In Malaysia, Youth Use Mapping to Address Religious Understanding

Kota Kita, a youth advocacy organization in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is conducting a series of interactive mapping projects for youth. Young, trained volunteers explore and learn about their communities on foot, noting and logging religious institutions into an online map that highlights the cultural and religious diversity of the area.
"It's a fun and rewarding experience,” said Tay Zhi Cong, an 18-year-old student participant. “I learned about the Hindu religion more in-depth and you start to see the whole picture of the religion. All the rituals and special things in the temples, I have not known it before."
Religion can be a sensitive topic in Malaysia, a majority-Muslim country that is home to a diverse range of ethnicities and religious beliefs. The project is oriented towards dialogue and cross-cultural understanding through media and the arts.

Hurricane Issac

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The MARS song from Will I am

Reach for the Stars is on itunes ...proceeds go to bringing  schools to the inner cities.

PROJECTS / RADIO: Media foster cross-cultural connections for Moroccans

“Three, two, one, record!” Melanie, a German student, and Bouchra, a Moroccan student, both in their 20s, are producing their first radio interview as they stand in front of their peers and members of civil society in a Marrakech community center. “What do you learn in school in Europe?” Bouchra asks Melanie. “Why are you studying philosophy in Morocco?” Melanie questions Bouchra.

It was an exciting moment for the young reporters, who were pioneering the international youth media project “We are the future of Morocco,” organized by the German non-governmental organization Radijojo World Children’s Media Network. In a world in which misunderstandings between the Arab world and the West abound, and youth voices in both regions often go unheard, Radijojo’s mission is to create media based youth empowerment as a source for free expression, intercultural dialogue and peace

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Opinion/Commentary/2012/Aug-28/185869-media-foster-cross-cultural-connections-for-moroccans.ashx#ixzz24qOUJPoc 
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

Roving Mars

Monday, 27 August 2012

after  note the tracks

Today on Mars

The bandwidth was used to relay a greeting to earth from the NASA administrator. Interesting use of the technology about 4 mbs of bandwidth used.

The following statement by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden was returned to Earth via the Mars Curiosity rover.
Hello. This is Charlie Bolden, NASA Administrator, speaking to you via the broadcast capabilities of the Curiosity Rover, which is now on the surface of Mars.
Since the beginning of time, humankind’s curiosity has led us to constantly seek new life…new possibilities just beyond the horizon. I want to congratulate the men and women of our NASA family as well as our commercial and government partners around the world, for taking us a step beyond to Mars.
This is an extraordinary achievement. Landing a rover on Mars is not easy – others have tried – only America has fully succeeded. The investment we are making…the knowledge we hope to gain from our observation and analysis of Gale Crater, will tell us much about the possibility of life on Mars as well as the past and future possibilities for our own planet. Curiosity will bring benefits to Earth and inspire a new generation of scientists and explorers, as it prepares the way for a human mission in the not too distant future.
Thank you.

Looking towards the mountains, the dark layer is where the rocky covered area and is the  lip of the crater

Layers at the Base of Mount Sharp

A chapter of the layered geological history of Mars is laid bare in this postcard from NASA's Curiosity rover. The image shows the base of Mount Sharp, the rover's eventual science destination.

This image is a portion of a larger image taken by Curiosity's 100-millimeter Mast Camera on Aug. 23, 2012. See PIA16104. Scientists enhanced the color in one version to show the Martian scene under the lighting conditions we have on Earth, which helps in analyzing the terrain.

For scale, an annotated version of the figure highlights a dark rock that is approximately the same size as Curiosity. The pointy mound in the center of the image, looming above the rover-sized rock, is about 1,000 feet (300 meters) across and 300 feet (100 meters) high.
› Annotated version 

Issac heading towards New Orleans

And WWL has wall to wall coverage.

Remembering Neil Armstrong



Doesn't this get ya

The twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes are now set to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Thursday, Aug. 30 at 4:05 a.m. EDT.

RBSP is designed to help us understand the sun’s influence on Earth and near-Earth space by studying the Earth’s radiation belts on various scales of space and time. 

OPPORTUNITIES: Internship in digital marketing and website content management (UNICEF SKOPJE)

Internship in digital marketing and website content management

BACKGROUND:  Internships in the UNICEF country office in Skopje offer a small group of outstanding university students the opportunity to acquire experience working in an international development environment. The programme provides the opportunity to contribute to the UNICEF mandate and the country’s development efforts.  Furthermore, it provides individuals the opportunity to gain an understanding of UNICEF’s development policies, thematic priorities, and technical cooperation activities with practical experience in an international work environment.
Recognising that interns can be a significant asset to the organization - since they can potentially offer excellent academic credentials including the most recent thinking and research tools in their area of study - the UNICEF country office in Skopje is offering internships within the Communication Sector.
More specifically, this internship will provide qualifying candidates the opportunity to further develop their skills and gain practical work experience in implementing internet communication outreach activities. 

• Research, develop and implement digital initiatives to increase traffic and engagement on the UNICEF website (unicef.mk) and other UNICEF supported websites (beznasilsvo.mk and prvite5.mk).  
• Research, develop and implement systems to monitor online activities. 
• Following the corporate UNICEF requirements and using content management systems, the intern will be trained and gain experience in carrying out on-time technical update of web-sites, as guided by relevant UNICEF staff. 
• Assists in the organization of other related activities within the Communication Sector, as needed.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  Supervision in development and technical practices: 
• Enhanced or marketable job skills in the development field and specific technical field.
• Be part of a world knowledge network of development and technical practitioners.
• Letter of reference to certify internship. 
• Additional training in specific content management systems as required.
The internship is not intended to lead to further employment within the UN system, but to complement the intern’s studies or provide additional job experience. The internship will provide certain reasonable work accommodations to successful applicants, adjusted according to individual needs and in the context with the resources of the programme.

The following minimum qualifications are required:
• Be a current undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate student in a field related to information technology; digital marketing; communications or relevant field.
• Be proficient in English and Macedonian.  
• Have excellent academic performance as demonstrated by recent university or institution records.
• Computer literacy in standard office software applications.
• Demonstrated keen interest in the work of the UN, and of UNICEF in particular, and a personal commitment to child rights and to the ideals of UN Charter.
• Demonstrated ability to successfully interact with individuals of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, which include willingness to try and understand and to be tolerant of differing opinions and views.

More details here

ARTICLES: Effects of cartoons on children’s psychology & behaviour patterns

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cartoons are the most frequent and easily accessible source of entertainment which we provide to our children. With the vastness of media and extension of channels, it has become easier for children to watch their favourite cartoons on a single click and at the same time it has become more convenient for parents to provide children with this all-time favourite activity of theirs. Time which was previously spent by children in outdoor activities is now replaced, as now they can be found glued to the TV sets for long hours, peering at all sorts of cartoons, mostly without the supervision of elders who are completely unaware that this might have certain effects on their psychological development later on displayed in their behaviour patterns.

full article

Got to love this, it's Rush out of his mind

Friday, 24 August 2012

Scrub of RBSP launch

Friday's planned launch of NASA's Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) was delayed at least 24 hours when the Eastern Range reported a drift in the signal of a C-Band transponder aboard the Atlas V rocket. It is not yet known if the issue was in the ground-based range detection equipment or in the Atlas V transponder.

The C-Band is one of several systems used to track the vehicle after launch, and it is mandatory for it to operate prior to liftoff. Because of the limited 20-minute launch window, the launch team was not able to determine the cause of the signal drift before the window expired.

Managers have set up for a 24-hour recycle, pending clearance of the issue. Launch is targeted for the opening of a 20-minute launch window at 4:07 a.m. EDT on Saturday.

At this time, the Atlas rocket is being safed and propellants removed. When those operations are complete, C-Band beacon troubleshooting will begin. If the issue is found to be on the Atlas transponder, it may be necessary to replace the hardware.

NASA and United Launch Alliance managers will know more within a few hours, after the troubleshooting has been completed.

First Central African Journalism University Grads Join Internews Project | Internews

First Central African Journalism University Grads Join Internews Project | Internews

The Department of Journalism at the University of Bangui graduated its first class of professionally trained journalists this month, and celebrated their achievement at an Internews-sponsored ceremony.
“These new graduates will have a challenging job to do, which is to revolutionize the press in Central Africa,” said Jéremie Soupou, one of the graduates of the program.
Soupou is also the coordinator of The Association of Journalists for Human Rights (AJHR), Internews’ local partner in CAR. AJHR employs Soupou and four other graduates from the University. “We are honored by the interest that Internews has shown towards this new generation of journalists,” said Soupou.

Live coverage of Atlas V launch

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Welcome to liftoff night for the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket carrying NASA's Radiation Belt Storm Probes on a mission 50 years in the making to unravel mysteries about the harshest region of near-Earth space.
The twin craft, beefed up with protective hardening, will take unprecedented measures inside the hearts of the radiation belts to provide fundamental data about the behavior and character of these swaths of space that can harm spacecraft and astronauts alike.
At Cape Canaveral, the countdown clocks are starting to tick right now, beginning the seven-hour, 15-minute sequence of work that will prepare the rocket, payload and ground systems for Friday's predawn blastoff at 4:07 a.m. EDT (0807 GMT).
Soon the launch team will begin powering up the rocket to commence standard pre-flight tests. Over the subsequent few hours, final preps for the Centaur's liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen systems will be performed, along with a test of the rocket's guidance system and the first stage propulsion and hydraulic preps, internal battery checks and testing of the C-band system used to track the rocket as it flies downrange, plus a test of the S-band telemetry relay system. The Complex 41 site will be cleared of all personnel at 12:57 a.m.
A planned half-hour hold begins at 1:12 a.m. when the count reaches T-minus 120 minutes. Near the end of the hold, the team will be polled at 1:39 a.m. to verify all is in readiness to start fueling the rocket for launch.
Supercold liquid oxygen begins flowing into the Centaur upper stage around 1:59 a.m., followed by the first stage filling around 2:12 a.m. Liquid hydrogen fuel loading for Centaur will be completed a short time later.
A final hold is scheduled at the T-minus 4 minute mark starting at 3:38 a.m. That 25-minute pause will give everyone a chance to finish any late work and assess the status of the rocket, payload, Range and weather before proceeding into the last moments of the countdown.
The launch window extends from 4:07 to 4:27 a.m. EDT (0807-0827 GMT).

WMAL documentary


Really, the skins would do this..yeah they did

During last week's Redskins-Bears broadcast, the ads seemed overwhelming at times, and it felt like I was watching a three-hour commercial, with brief football breaks. During either the game or the commercials surrounding it, we learned about the Redskins' official movers, official office-equipment supplier, official chicken, official bank, official pizza, official furniture store, official training restaurant, official travel planners and official college savings plan,

And the music on sirius xm is also pre owned

The Toyota may be used, but Sirius XM Radio sees a potential new subscriber. Under a deal with the biggest import brand, buyers of pre-owned Toyotas will automatically get three free months of satellite radio. Cars equipped with navigation will also get a trial of the NavTraffic service. Sirius XM says it’s working to convert more used car buyers into subscribers, something that’s so far been harder to do than among new car owners.

A country you can't hear on shortwave

http://www.zifmstereo.co.zw/   Nice stereo stream of this countrys first privately owned fm. They are building out to cover the entire country.  You haven't heard music like this anywhere.

ARTICLES: Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network accused violating kids’ privacy

Viacom's Nickelodeon and Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network are named in formal complaints to the Federal Trade Commission accusing them of using digital marketing techniques that violate the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
A group of 17 consumer, media and youth advocacy organizations led by the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) today filed multiple complaints against Viacom and Turner Broadcasting as well as against General Mills, McDonald's and Subway restaurants.
The complaints fall into two main categories (links to the full complaints are provided below). One asserts the use of refer-a-friend viral marketing campaigns that invite children to submit their own and their friend's personal information, without obtaining the verifiable consent of either child's parent, is in violation of COPPA.
The other calls on the FTC to update COPPA so that it addresses marketing tools like third party cookies on children's computers to facilitate behavior targeting, and collecting and storing children's photographs without parental notice and consent.

full article

Friday Mornings Launch at the Cape

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Welcome to Bradbury Landing

Bradbury Landing, Mars

It's the official name of the MSL landing site. To get any group of scientists to agree to anything is amazing in itself.In tribute, I dedicate my landing spot on Mars to you, Ray Br... on Twitpic

Took a little drive on Mars yester sol the rover handled well in the soil and went a total of 4 km thats around 10 miles and then turned around and returned the bradbury landing.  And it left tracks on Mars.

It took 5 minutes to do the drive and another 10 to take photos and do other science.
On the next sol we're moving out the start of a 30 km trip which will take a few days.

VACANCIES / INTERNSHIPS: Urgently seeking: Intern, Youth and Media - European Cultural Foundation (AMSTERDAM, NL)

The European Cultural Foundation is looking for an intern to join their Youth and Media team and supporting the DocNext Network collaboration with IDFA.
The internship is open to students of media or journalistic disciplines and runs for a period of three to four months from the beginning of September 2012.
For further information on the vacancy and how to apply, please see the internship profile.

For all enquiries regarding job opportunities, please contact Gillian Wijnhoven, HR Officer, gwijnhoven[@]eurocult.org.

OPPORTUNITIES / CALL FOR VIDEOS: “Superheroes for Peace” competition

Are you a budding filmmaker, or simply somebody who is passionate about bringing about positive change in the world? Then why not enter the Encompass Trust "Superheroes for Peace" competition?!

Here at Encompass we believe that it is the little things that we do in life that make the difference. Whether it's giving someone a smile or helping a neighbour with their shopping, it's the little acts that make us all heroes in the global battle to bring world peace!

For the last ten years Encompass Trust has been working to create a network of superheroes to bring peace to the world, but we think there are more out there so we are launching a competition to find all those hidden heroes and heroines.
We're looking for short films (1 min max) on the theme "Superheroes for Peace", to be screened at our film premiere event at Syracuse University London Campus on September 27th.

The prize is an amazing
Sony Bloggie MHS-TS20 8GB Touch Mobile HD Snap Camera video camera!

Maybe you've already got films on YouTube? Or perhaps this will be your first?

  • The film can be recorded on your phone or video camera.
  • The film can be fact or fiction, and of any genre whether that is comedy or drama, news programme or documentary.
  • The film can be a cartoon or you can even use still images with captions.
  • Check out our Facebook fan page to see films already entered!
If your film relates to Superheroes fighting for peace in some way, we'd love to see it. You don't have to be of a certain age to enter, this competition is open toall.
  • Films can either be made by individuals or two or more people working as a group. They should be 1 minute max and the deadline for submission of the films is Monday September 10th.
  • You must LIKE our fan page - - - https://www.facebook.com/encompasstrust2003 in order to submit your entry, by posting it on the page.

The best film will win a Sony Bloggie MHS-TS20 8GB Touch Mobile HD Snap Camera and there will be 2 runners up prizes. The top films will be screened at our film premiere event in Central London on September 27th.

Got a question?
Email aisha@encompasstrust.org if you have any queries.

Mars weather

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

mockup of what this website will look like

Mars today

Test of the wheels on the mars rover,overnight the software will be uploaded with commands to start moving on mars

ARTICLES: Indonesian Youth Tap into Social Media

With a population of over 230 million, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous nation, and youth make up more than a quarter of the population. With more than 43 million Facebook accounts and 19 million active Twitter users, Indonesia boasts the second highest number of social media users in Asia.
The Internews Center for Innovation & Learning commissioned a new report, Indonesia: New Digital Nation?, which explores the potential and limitations of social media and new ICTs to support local community development and advocacy in Indonesia. With over 61 million young people, the number of citizens online in Indonesia is quickly growing. And while there is still vast room for digital progress there, the report investigates the country’s obstacles and opportunities to connect.
full article on the Internews website

Ouch that hurts

Monday, 20 August 2012

PASADENA, Calif. - Today, NASA's Mars rover Curiosity fired its laser for the first time on Mars, using the beam from a science instrument to interrogate a fist-size rock called "Coronation."
The mission's Chemistry and Camera instrument, or ChemCam, hit the fist-sized rock with 30 pulses of its laser during a 10-second period. Each pulse delivers more than a million watts of power for about five one-billionths of a second.
The energy from the laser excites atoms in the rock into an ionized, glowing plasma. ChemCam catches the light from that spark with a telescope and analyzes it with three spectrometers for information about what elements are in the target.
"We got a great spectrum of Coronation -- lots of signal," said ChemCam Principal Investigator Roger Wiens of Los Alamos National Laboratory, N.M. "Our team is both thrilled and working hard, looking at the results. After eight years building the instrument, it's payoff time!"
ChemCam recorded spectra from the laser-induced spark at each of the 30 pulses. The goal of this initial use of the laser on Mars was to serve as target practice for characterizing the instrument, but the activity may provide additional value. Researchers will check whether the composition changed as the pulses progressed. If it did change, that could indicate dust or other surface material being penetrated to reveal different composition beneath the surface. The spectrometers record intensity at 6,144 different wavelengths of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light.
"It's surprising that the data are even better than we ever had during tests on Earth, in signal-to-noise ratio," said ChemCam Deputy Project Scientist Sylvestre Maurice of the Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie (IRAP) in Toulouse, France. "It's so rich, we can expect great science from investigating what might be thousands of targets with ChemCam in the next two years."
The technique used by ChemCam, called laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, has been used to determine composition of targets in other extreme environments, such as inside nuclear reactors and on the sea floor, and has had experimental applications in environmental monitoring and cancer detection. Today's investigation of Coronation is the first use of the technique in interplanetary exploration.
Curiosity landed on Mars two weeks ago, beginning a two-year mission using 10 instruments to assess whether a carefully chosen study area inside Gale Crater has ever offered environmental conditions favorable for microbial life.
ChemCam was developed, built and tested by the U.S. Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory in partnership with scientists and engineers funded by the French national space agency, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and research agency, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, manages the Mars Science Laboratory Project, including Curiosity, for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington. JPL designed and built the rover.

35 years ago still going strong

One bright sunny day Voyager 2, the first of the two spacecraft was launched towards the other solar system, from Complex 41 now the ATLAS V launch pad.  The launch vehicle that afternoon was a TITAN III E the most powerful launcher of it's time.

ARTICLES: Sesame Street opens door to children - in Chinese

When the head of the company that produces the award-winning children's program Sesame Street visited its production set in China last month, everything looked the same as it does in the US original -the colorful, furry Muppets, the catchy music and the fun but educational story lines.
But one difference stood out on this Sesame Street in Shanghai: All of the Muppets were speaking Mandarin.
"We were proud of it because the content was authentically Sesame, and authentically Chinese," said Melvin Ming, CEO of Sesame Workshop."It was a win."
Sesame Street was relaunched in China in December 2010 - 13 years after its debut in China. Sesame Workshop has a team of Chinese producers and writers in Shanghai - all trained by the New York-based nonprofit - who are responsible for putting Big Bird Looks at the World and Fun Fun Elmo, a new series, on the air.

full article

OPPORTUNITIES / COMPETITIONS: UN climate change podcast contest open

Journalists worldwide whose work addresses climate change are eligible for this award.
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is seeking applicants for its CDM "Changing Lives" Podcast Contest, which will recognize exceptional work related to the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism.
Submissions will be judged based on creativity and originality, composition, artistic merit and persuasiveness in telling the story of the CDM on the theme “Changing Lives." Each podcast should be no more than five minutes in length.
The winning work will be featured in a dedicated booth at the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Doha in December 2012. Short-listed entries could be featured prominently in important print and promotional material, on the UNFCCC website and other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and Soundcloud.
The application deadline is September 20.
For more information, click here.

ARTICLES: Filmmaker teaches movie magic to Chile's slum kids

LO HERMIDA, Chile (AP) - Inside the community center for this slum where children shiver in the winter chill, dozens of kids are dreaming of flying away. Their pilot is 9-year-old Benjamin Ortega, who tips his hat inside their cardboard plane and calls for takeoff while an old 16-mm projector rolls and clicks, projecting Walt Disney's 1928 classic film "Plane Crazy" on a white sheet.
As the first black-and-white images of Mickey Mouse pop up, they roar with laughter. The 83-year-old woman responsible for their joy smiles faintly, paying no attention to the movie. She's more interested in these starry-eyed kids, who have never walked into a cinema.
Her name is Alicia Vega, a no-nonsense filmmaker who has seen that look during 27 years of workshops. In slum after slum, all across Chile, she has helped thousands of poor children soar by teaching them about the magic of movies.
Film, she says, has a uniquely transformative power.

ARTICLES: Empowering Roma youth in Albania

Tirana, Albania, 13 August 2012: In Albania – the country with the highest percentage of youth in Southeast Europe – Roma youth face heavy discrimination. Their exclusion from sports competitions, school events, vocational training and community life often has a negative impact on their self-confidence.
As they overcame the cultural barriers in their own Roma and Egyptian communities, four Albanians from Tirana, Elbasan, Fier and Durrës enlisted as UN Volunteers to share their experience directly with youth from nearly 2,000 Roma and Egyptian families, thus helping them exercise their rights to civil registration, child protection, health, education, vocational training and employment.


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