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Having had one of these I know it's going to take time

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Longtime Dallas air personality Ron Chapman expects to be in rehab for “several months” after suffering a stroke just before Christmas. In upbeat spirits, he tells Pegasus News that it’s a “setback” to his retirement joking the impact will stall his “burgeoning juggling career.” Chapman was inducted in the NAB’s Radio Hall of Fame in 2010.
-- Hall-of-fame Dallas radio personality Ron Chapman is recovering from a pre-Christmas stroke.
The former KVIL DJ and host of Channel 8's music show "Sump'n Else"told The Dallas Morning News he's been hospitalized since Dec. 23. His wife detected a change in his speech and called 911.
Chapman was in high spirits and joking, though he said his voice is a little slower than it used to be. He expects to remain in the hospital for another two weeks.He was at home, he says, when his wife Nance immediately noticed something was wrong.
“I began speaking in a foreign tongue,” says Chapman. “My wife was very alert to stroke signs, and the moment she heard my speech change she was on the phone with 911. When Nance called the ambulance, they were there in three minutes. I said, ‘That’s where I should be,’ and I got in. Getting here very quickly seems to have been the difference.”
All things considered, the long-ago host of Sump’n Else!sounds great: He speaks a little slower now than he did a couple of weeks ago, but other than that, he says, his legendary voice was spared by the stroke. It was, as he says, “preserved.” But talking for even short stretches does get “wearying,” he says, which is why he’s hoping to keep visitors out of the hospital room for the foreseeable future.
“My left hand is probably not as effective as my right hand,” he says, “which will stall my burgeoning juggling career.” He also frets that his “clog-dancing days” may be behind him. “I’ve got stuff stuck in me from various directions doing various things,” he says.
When asked about making news of his stroke public, Chapman said, well, “It might as well be official.” But, he added, “So long as it comes out with a happy note

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