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Thursday, 14 February 2013

In the homes of local residents explosion blew the windows, in cities panic [video]
Residents of the Chelyabinsk region this morning decided that the war started: everywhere there are reports of giant fireballs that appeared in the sky and collapsed around the major cities. 
Bright flashes in the sky seen by the inhabitants of Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and even Kopeysk. They say that it was like a ball of fire - some took it to be a falling airplane - then everything went black, and a huge explosion.
"Now there was something terribly strange! Outside if indulged switch which includes gently-off light. Initially dark, then brightened and the bright glow, many eyes are sick. After 20 seconds an explosion. Many windows in the house opposite opened our glass trembled. ran away with the child to the bathroom. And silence. Went to the balcony, people in panic in the streets and on the balconies. said bud-bomb or missile exploded. Call impossible, says "connection error" for 15 minutes "- writes in blog resident Kopeisk.
In the MOE and airports in the region have denied rumors of a fallen plane.
"Residents also paid attention to the fall of burning objects. Some took them for aircraft. However, no aircraft has crashed in the Urals, all fly on a schedule and in a normal mode," - said agency. 
Eyewitnesses said about fireballs, which left traces in the sky
They say that it was like a ball of fire - some took it to be a meteor - then everything went black, and a huge explosion 
Photo: witnesses
According to the "geography" of the appearance of a meteorite that fell were a few pieces.Something crashed to Churilova on Emanzhilinsk, another object led to a panic in the Chelyabinsk district Hornets.
"He fell in the residential sector! From there the machine shaft go, people go running," - says another woman alarmed.
Schdanii smashed glass in the South Ural University
Smashed windows at City of South Ural University 
Photo: witnesses
In the Kurgan region saw the couple, "as in the direction of Chelyabinsk flew comet broke and exploded."
Although MOE reported that victims and victims, blogs tell a different story. In one school after the explosion of a meteor falling smashed all the windows and many of the children injured by shrapnel. The guys cut hands and faces, they cry.
In the area of ​​Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant on electrode plant blew big glass that cut staff. The shop collapsed ceiling. Parents of kindergarten, located in the area are asked to immediately pick up the kids.
Another facility led to a panic in the Chelyabinsk district Hornets
Another facility led to a panic in the Chelyabinsk district Hornets 
Photo: witnesses
The situation is aggravated by the fact that after the fall of unidentified objects in the field of mobile communications is not working. Many people can not contact their relatives and terribly worried about them.
Marina Semeniuk
"Zakharenko! Thrown me off the couch, the house on the second explosion staggered ... the horror! With Yuzhnouralsk girlfriend called and said that they even smashed the windows .. that SUSU? Say there injured people and evacuate" .
Elena (Chelyabinsk)
"I sit at the computer, dramatically so in the street posvetlelo.Devchonki! The sky was something vzorvalos.Potom Quietly. then as gromyhnet.V room flew all the windows."
Knopo4ka (Chelyabinsk)
"Zashib, though all intact healthy? Horror meteorites FIG fly ((so scared, light, and an explosion, all fell at home, all the windows to plow!"
Kitsunya-Ksyunya (Kopeysk)
"I have a husband stunned. Hear. House nearly collapsed. Walls and ceiling were loose."
Tatiana Pankov (Chelyabinsk)
"Called my grandmother in a village in the district Chebarkul, a 2.5 hour drive ... the same thing was already shaking the foundation of the house went navryatli it could be a plane ..."
Elena Belova (Chelyabinsk)
"It was very scary, we have in the city center near all the windows povybivalo, he fell in Churilova, many people have suffered, and I to my husband can not get through!"
Anna (Chelyabinsk)
"Chelyabinsk, attention! They say that in 11 can happen again like that, because not all the pieces are dropped. Stay away from the windows close, Draw curtains! Also, some warn of increased radiation ..."
Olga (Yuzhnouralsk)
"Husband rushed home with square eyes to know how we are here, from nursery school (near our house), children are removed because the window povyshibalo (poor kids, scared), the roads clogged with cars ... kapets"

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