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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Eyewitnesses of the meteorite: It was very scary

Eyewitnesses of the meteorite: It was very scaryPhotos reader RBCRBC Photo reader
In the web there are eyewitness accounts of a meteorite in the Chelyabinsk region. People talk about the strong flash in the sky and an explosion.
"Above Chelyabinsk something flew and exploded," - these were the first reports appeared in the social networks. DVR recording showed a sudden flash in the sky and a flying object. Were heard and several explosions.
Local communities in social networks is initially assumed that the plane exploded over the city. A little later there was a version with a meteorite, but no one could figure out where he's gone.
Fantastic going to scare people. "There was an explosion, which took off from the glass. Was very scary," - says a local resident. "Above Chelyabinsk flew a huge ball of fire. Thought this is the end of the world" - describes his feelings user microblog.
"Flash, the plume in the air, the shock wave. Following the explosion ears. And then all rushed to the street" - as were the first few minutes after the incident.
Uncertainty added overloaded cellular networks, which led to the crash the phone and immediately rumors about what might be the cause of an unusual phenomenon. Simultaneously, social networking began to talk about the evacuation of some areas of the victims of broken windows and shutters ejected.

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