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Sunday, 3 February 2013


Did you see what a power failure did to the Super Bowl game?
Everything was going along great for the Baltimore Ravens when the lights went out.  That was 33 minutes for them to stand around and think about how close they were to winning the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers.
And the 49ers who were losing by 28 to 6 when the power failed, had a lot of time to realize that they were running out of time to put some points on the board.
Golfers hate to wait because then they have too much time to think.  Their muscles react differently and their minds can lose focus when they have to wait for the group in front of them to move along.
Time is always an asset.
Momentum goes to the person or people who can use that time to stroke the fires of positivity and not let in the doubts of fear.
I used to take my kids to the Flyers hockey games in Philadelphia and sit them on my lap observing with them what often happens on the ice when a team rolls up a comfortable lead.
It gets too comfortable.
And the other team uses the lack of time to make something positive happen – anything.
In our lives, momentum changes constantly.  When we feel like we’re on a winning streak, nothing can seem to stop us.  And when everything is going badly, it seems things will never get better.
Time is on your side when you don’t think too much about failing.
Just trying harder.
Which is why there are so many upsets and near upsets in sports and why people confuse too much time for too many fear thoughts.

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