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Super bowl on the radio US

Friday, 1 February 2013

From a Skechers-wearer chasing a cheetah to a contest for a trip into outer space, this year’s Super Bowl will provide some of the most-talked about TV commercials of the year.  Now some advertisers are beginning to see that same creative opportunity with radio’s Super Bowl coverage.
“We’re seeing advertisers start to dedicate creative for this specific game,” says Dial Global SVP/director of corporate sports Mike Schreck.  The game’s radio play-by-play continues to also be a big draw for fast food, insurance, and automotive aftermarket companies.  But Schreck says roughly 40% of the advertisers in its coverage aren’t typical radio users.  “We have seen consumer electronics be pretty good for the Super Bowl and that’s not really a radio category for the most part,” he says.  Some of those marketers may remain on radio after the confetti has settled in New Orleans.  “The goal is to show them that we can give them great brand integration into a marquee event,” Schreck says.
New digital platforms are helping Dial Global sales reps grow the Super Bowl client list — the network will not only supply coverage to about 700 FM and AM stations, but also to NFL.com’s Audiopass, the NFL Mobile app on Verizon Wireless smartphones and Sirius XM Radio.  Many spots won’t be traditional :30-second ads.  For instance two car companies are only running :15s.   And not unlike what TV viewers will see, radio listeners will hear plenty of sponsorship integrations, although some are taking a soft-sell approach.  For instance, every time a field goal is kicked, shaving cream company Barbasol will make a donation to charity.
While the Super Bowl has long been thought of as a television event — something that helps TV capture billions of dollars in advertising — the size of the radio audience is also consequential.  Dial Global commissioned Edison Research last year to determined how many people heard its coverage of Super Bowl XLVI, featuring the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.   Using day-after telephone research it calculated 23.1 million listened to all or part of the game on the radio.
Schreck says those eye-opening figures helped sell this year’s play-by-play coverage — and sponsorships of its pre-game shows that begin at 3pm ET on Sunday.

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