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NASM in DC opens new gallery

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

It's called time and navigation..be prepared to spend a few hours playing with the toys this exhibit has.
As a radio geek truly impressed by the radio navigation aspects..NAA in Arlington VA was one of the long wave stations that is shown with a wicked three tower array.
You will also see a short nasa video on Ranger to the moon with old mainframes and lots of old radios including a Hammerlund Hq 140 X and an National Radio multiband radio.  And a cameo from Jazz on the beach host Jack Simpson doing his at the time day job.
AM and long wave folks will get to see many hand made loop antennas..used for direction finding.
You will also learn how our nuclear navy works with submarines and how they navigate on station.
If you are fan of space you'll learn how to land on the moon, how to land on mars.
You'll get the full history of GPS..and you'll see GPS in use today by a fire chief from Worcester Ma, a farmer from Iowa and a student who uses GPS with her cell phone.
This one took a few years to develop and it's worth a trip.
Besides if you are here from the public opening Thursday you'll get to see the cherry blossoms before they are gone by this weekend..when the wind and rain arrive..

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