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Next Space launch is tonight from Fr Guiana

Monday, 6 May 2013

Join us in the early hours of Tuesday 7 May for the Vega's second flight, Vega VV02, carrying ESA's Proba-V vegetation tracking satellite and two companion satellites. Streaming starts at 03:45 CEST (01:45 GMT) with liftoff scheduled for 04:06 CEST (02:06 GMT) on 7 May. After separation of Proba-V there will be a short break in transmission. Streaming will resume at 05:50 CEST (03:50 GMT), for the release of VNREDSat-1 and ESTCubSat-1.
The previous transmission is available from our Latest ESA Live page and the planned transmissions can be found on our ESA Live Schedule. You can also watch our 'Programme on Air' via ESA Web-TV.

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