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NEWS: Media should show empathy in reporting children's issues: NGO

Saturday, 20 July 2013

New Delhi: Urging the media to be more responsible in reporting on children's issues, an NGO said here Friday that most of the coverage by news channels and newspapers showed a lack of empathy.

At a one-day workshop organised by NGO Butterflies, discussions were held on the impact of media reports on children.

Citing examples, Rita Panicker, director, Butterflies, said: "In the recent media coverage of the Uttarakhand flash floods, one story which was highlighted was a news video where a child was seen in desperation, crying as her parents were in hospital. The news anchor attempted to emulate the child asking for her mother, and saying that she repeated: "Mother, where are you? Look at me, I am not able to walk."

Panicker said the attempt was only to highlight the tragedy, and showed little empathy for the feelings of the girl.

She also pointed to crime stories where children were targeted.

full article - NGO Butterflies

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