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PROJECTS: juuuport.de - An online sef-protection platform by young people, for young people

Friday, 5 July 2013

When young people experience negative behaviour of other web users such as hate crimes, bullying or fraud, they often feel embarrassed to talk to adults and seldom expect their help.

Adults are often not familiar with the applications that their children or students use online on a regular basis. Sadly, young people who have become victims of cyberbullying often have no peers to turn to either. They feel alone and do not know how to defend themselves against attacks or where to get help. Bullying victims, in particular, seem to be ashamed of what has happened to them. As a result, they keep to themselves and usually don’t ask people from their social environment (such as teachers or friends) for support.
The Web 2.0 based platform, www.juuuport.de, gives young people the opportunity to develop independent solutions with the help of other young people.


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