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Who is the green paint guy or girl

Monday, 29 July 2013

WASHINGTON - The oldest part of the National Cathedral has been shut down after green paint was discovered Monday.
The National Cathedral is the third landmark to be vandalized with green paint since Friday. In addition to the Lincoln Memorial, green paint was also found on the statue of Joseph Henry outside the headquarters of the Smithsonian Institution.
National Cathedral spokesman Richard Weinberg says green, wet paint was found splattered on an organ inside the Bethlehem Chapel. A music department employee discovered the damage about 2 p.m. Monday.
The building is currently being searched by D.C. police and the lower level is closed off, Weinberg says.
The chapel is the oldest portion of the Cathedral, completed in 1912. And it was the original location of President Woodrow Wilson's burial tomb, according to the Cathedral.
Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Brooks says the vandalism of Joseph Henry's statue was reported on Friday, the same day that green paint was found splattered on the Lincoln Memorial.
Henry was the Smithsonian's first secretary.
Brooks says the incident is under investigation, and it's not clear whether it was the same paint that was used on the Memorial. He says it appears that something was intentionally drawn on the statue. The Lincoln Memorial had nothing drawn on it, just splattered paint.
The Lincoln Memorial has reopened to visitors, and crews are working to remove the paint.

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