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Minotaur V it's Rocket Science updated

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


The rocket science behind the brand new Minotaur Rocket whose first launch will be on Friday Sept 6 from VA.
It's  a first launch the other versions of this launcher have five successful launches.
It's also the first try to reach the moon for the northern most east coast launch site the US has.
If you were to launch this from Florida it would be at lcc 46 at the Cape.
The launch window for the Ladee spacecraft is just a minute. Windows exist thru Sept 11th and then they get early very early.
It should be visible weather permitting from the Washington DC area. And you can purchase your swag here.
This site has more moon information than you'll ever need. Check this site for more information for what to be looking for on the east coast.
The weather 95 percent chance of an one time launch.  This is an all solid rocket which means no fueling just push the button or as they say in Russia the launch key and go.
The science starts about 30 days into the mission when a lunar orbit is achieved. The most interesting thing is the laser communications demo which will send a high bandwidth signal from lunar orbit back to earth. If you have fiber optics like FIOS it's going to be that kind of speed for data and telemetry from the spacecraft back to three ground stations on Earth, NASA's TDRS site in New Mexico, JPL in Passenda and ESA's site in Spain.

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