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NEWS / CHILDREN'S TV: Studio launches Ukrainian cartoon YouTube channel

Monday, 19 August 2013

Patriotic parents can breathe a sigh of relief, quit complaining about violent western cartoons and finally turn on a Ukrainian cartoon for their child – actually almost any Ukrainian produced cartoon from 1961 onward. 

Ukranimafilm animation studio has created a YouTube channel specially focused on Ukrainian cartoons. The online catalogue includes more than a hundred cartoons. The most famous ones are: When Cossacks… , Capitan Vrungel, About Petryk Pyatochkin, Alice in the Wonderland and Kotygoroshko.

Ukranimafilm representative Nataliya Nagovitsyna is excited about the new online channel. “We still actively sell cartoons to TV channels, but it is just stupid not to use the most convenient platform for our audience (the internet). Besides that, our cartoons are fantastic and we sincerely want to share them with people,” she explained.

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