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ARTICLES: 'Grab your camera and focus on things you can’t buy with money.'

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

'Grab your camera and focus on things you can't buy with money.' In the spring of 2013, well-known photographer Stephen Freiheit gave this mission to young artists in Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar. After having spread his message through the Myanmar Times, Burma's largest weekly, the Nepalese newspaper República, television channel NTV and the youth organisation Today's Youth Asia, Stephen received photographs from hundreds of young people exploring their growing democracies from within. Today almost 100 art pieces portraying everyday life in the midst of material poverty and political instability are exhibited in Denmark, a country where one of the most prominent political economic debates during the financial crisis concerned whether or not they should lower the price on candy.

New perspective

The 'things you can't buy with money' photography exhibition is part of Images Festival, a Danish art festival which displays contemporary art from developing countries. By showing the art of strong-voiced rappers, photographs, movie-makers, musicians and many more, the festival seeks to create a space for immersion, dialogue, celebration and artistic meetings, and to open the eyes of the Danes to life in developing countries. However, its focus is not typical.

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